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Summertime, and the livin’ is easy
Group show at Location Gallery celebrates life on the water

THE DOG DAYS of summer are upon us. As the season wanes, Location Gallery presents us with one last look at what makes this season our favorite.

For Aqua Vista, Peter Roberts asked over 30 artists to give their interpretation of “Life on the Water.” The result is an extremely diverse show spanning a variety of mediums.

“It was interesting to me to see what was coming in,” Roberts says. “I was like, ‘Wow, everybody!’ There’s no similarities between artists. As we were were installing, I was like, wow, there’s a real palette to this show that was a happy accident. There’s no tonalities that are off—it was bizarre. That usually doesn’t happen.”

The show covers all facets of coastal livin’, from bathing suits to sea creatures and everything in between.

“I think it’s a fun show for the artists. It’s summertime; it’s a happy show,” says Roberts.

The artwork is indeed a fun departure from more serious shows, and it’s clear the artists enjoyed themselves while making it—just look at Lisa Ocampo’s “Fish Head,” a girl with a fish on her head, for proof.

Roberts points to Lennie Ciliento’s turtle made of Washi tape and Lyn Bonham’s silverleaf and resin-topped photographs as standouts of the show, as well as the work of Sassy Hall, a new artist on the scene.

“Sassy Hall is a 9-year-old and she’s already sold!” Roberts laughs. “People are like, ‘Oh, my God, I have to have this painting, tell me about the artist.’ I’m like, she’s nine!”

A water-themed show, Roberts suggests, also helps Savannahians remember that the water is never far away.

“It’s easy-breezy; the subject matter is not that heavy,” Roberts says. “A lot of people don’t realize we are coastal. I think there’s this whole other percentage of people that don’t even think about it. They’re hustling downtown, then just running home; they’re not thinking about a boat, or about the beach.”

The artwork is perfect for first-time art buyers, which Roberts notes is a key demographic of Location’s audience.

“It’s a long summer show, and the cool part about it is there’s nothing over $400,” notes Roberts. “It’s all small works—there’s a lot of work. When people go in and buy it, they can take it off the wall. It’s more of a retail model, so people don’t have to wait until end of show.”

Gallery profits from Aqua Vista support the Ogeechee Riverkeeper, who as an organization acts as an advocate for the Ogeechee River basin.

“The Ogeechee Riverkeeper does really good work,” Roberts says. “They’re pretty amazing as far as being truly grassroots and maintaining that. They really work hard. If we don’t have our waterways, we’re in big trouble.”

Aqua Vista remains up at Location Gallery until Aug. 11.