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Dreaming in color with Tim Moore
Former Miss Savannah Pride remembered through scholarship and beyond
Tricksie Turner took home the Miss Savannah Pride crown in 2013.

ON Wednesday, January 31, Savannah lost a treasured member of its beloved community. Through his life, Timothy Emmett Moore touched the lives of locals in the LGBTQ community and beyond through his unrelenting kindness and memorable stage performances.

A graduate of Sol C. Johnson High School and Lee University, Moore cared deeply about his local LGBTQ community, frequently volunteering with local organizations.

“He had a huge heart,” says friend Travis Coles, General Manager at Club One.

Coles met Moore while he was a customer at the downtown venue and gathering spot. Eventually, they became friends and roommates, and Moore went on to help improve and enrich Club One, revamping the kitchen menu and eventually sharing his performance abilities and sense of humor on the Club One stage as Tricksie Turner.

With wonderfully voluminous hair and plenty of glitz and color, Tricksie Turner loved bringing joy to her audience.

“Originally, I think he started about five or six years ago,” Coles remembers. “I think he might have done one of our Star Search competitions and started getting into it more regularly. It was definitely a passion of his—he had this energy about it. He had some health issues he struggled with, but he was able to put it all away and was a presence on that stage. He loved glitter—glitter was a big part of his look! And he loved the comedy of it, as well. He liked to laugh and liked to make people laugh.”

Tricksie’s talents were awarded multiple times: In 2013, she was crowned Miss Savannah Pride and Bar Fly Comedy Queen, and caught the attention of our bordering state, winning Miss South Carolina Pride the following year. The Savannahian wore the Miss Savannah Pride crown with dignity and passion.

“He put a lot of effort and energy into maintaining that position and helping out the Savannah Pride board,” Coles says.

Moore was also active in the faith community and was a member of the staff of Coastal Cathedral Church of God, the International Worship Center, and more.

In his time as a youth minister, Moore was inspired to create a scholarship fund for high school seniors in the LGBTQ community, the Tricksie Turner Dream in Color Scholarship Fund.

Tim Moore was an active community member and graduate of Johnson High and Lee University.
Tim Moore was an active community member and graduate of Johnson High and Lee University.

“That was something he was really dedicated to,” says Coles.

Since his passing, Moore’s friends and family plan to enrich the scholarship program in his memory.

“The intention is really to do Tim justice and support something that was very close to him,” Coles explains. “That’s the best way that we can honor his life—by helping his dream become a reality. It’s been a reality and been around for a couple of years, but this means more funding for it.”

Since Moore’s passing, the community has lifted up his memory and continues to do so. On March 1, Club One will host a fundraiser for the Tricksie Turner Dream in Color Scholarship Fund with performances, a silent auction, and beyond.

“We want to have a celebration of his life,” Coles says. “The community has donated their time and resources, and it’s amazing to me how everything comes together.”

There is currently a fundraiser, “Tim Moore/Tricksie Turner Memorial Fund,” to support funeral expenses. Excess funds will be allocated to the Tricksie Turner Dream in Color Scholarship Fund so that Moore’s warm spirit continues to impact Savannah.

“Since Wednesday since he passed, it doesn’t feel like he’s not here,” says Coles. “It always feels like he’s here.”