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Mark your calendar: Where weirdness reigns supreme
Scenes from the Coney Island Cockabilly Roadshow, arriving Aug. 13

Doesn’t it seem like there’s been an abundance of those traveling burlesque/freak shows in town this year?

Yes, it does. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that –  I enjoy fire–eaters, strippers and tattooed dwarves as much as the next person – but there seems to be a new bunch of ‘em climbing off a tour bus every time you turn around.

Setting up on the stage of the Jinx Aug. 13 is the Coney Island Cockabilly Roadshow, a traveling circus from New York that combines sideshow acts, burlesque dancers and a twang–heavy psychobilly band.

The headline acts are Jelly Boy The Clown & the Squidling Bros. Circus Sideshow, Jason and the Punknecks, Viva le Vox, Guitar Neck, Hicky Hawkins and The Holy Roller Sideshow.

Girls! Geeks! Guitars! Grittiness! Yeah, buddy.

More information as we get it. Step right up!

For Lori

A reminder that Thursday, July 29 is the city–wide “Living it Up for Lori” event, which will raise funds to help Rhythm Riot vocalist Lori Stuart with her medical expenses.

Stuart suffered a stroke May 3 and has been diagnosed with Locked–in Syndrome. Her body is paralyzed, and she communicates by blinking her eyes.

So far, these clubs are participating: JJ Bonerz, Chuck’s Bar, Churchill’s Pub, Bay Street Blues, Bernie’s Oyster House, Live Wire Music Hall, Pour Larry’s, Wild Wing Caf , Tantra Lounge, The Sentient Bean, Rock House Tybee, Tailgate Sports Bar and Grill, Augie’s Pub, Jukebox  Bar and Grill, Island Sports Bar and Britannia Pub. More are signing up every day.

Among the performing musicians, who’ll sign a hunk of that evening’s paychecks over to the Lori fund: Liquid Ginger, Bottles & Cans, Jeff Beasley, Magic Rocks, the Train Wrecks, Rhythm Riot, Hitman, Outta Your Element and others. Again, the sign–ups continue, so keep it here.