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Savannah Mega Comic Con’s geek culture celebration
Star-studded convention takes over town

Savannah Mega Comic Con @Savannah Civic Center

Sat., June 8, Sun., June 9

Day ticket: $17 / Two-day pass: $25

VIP options and more info available at

GEEKS everywhere rejoice— Savannah Mega Comic Con is here. The celebrated convention—featuring celebrity appearances, tons of vendors, cosplay, meet-and-greets and a general celebration of geek culture—is slated to take over the Savannah Civic Center on June 8 and 9.

“For the most part, this is a family friendly event. We bring in celebrities - television stars, comic book artists, movie stars, and all of that,” Mega Con’s Tony Privette tells Connect. “When you come in, you’ll have over 80 vendors that will be selling everything you can possibly imagine - t-shirts, toys, comic books, anything geek-related.”

Privette says the event will feature panels and meet-and-greets with the celebrity guests. The roster this year for stars is an impressive and diverse one, featuring such heavyweights as beloved anime actor Vic Mignogna.

“[Mignogna] is the Brad Pitt of the anime genre, I guess you could say,” Privette says.

Pro wrestler Ron Simmons, Gremlins star Zach Galligan, and The Adventures of Pete & Pete stars Danny Tamberelli and Michael C. Maronna are also set to appear at the convention.

“We’re doing a lot of 90s stuff,” Privette says. “People in that age are starting to get out a little bit now, so that’s one of the markets we’re trying to jump into.”

For comic book fans, the convention landed some greats in the comics world including DC artist Bo Hampton and Black Panther artist Sanford Greene.

Privette, who works on conventions year-round, says he’s most excited to continue bringing the event to geeks in Savannah. It’s Mega Comic Con’s sixth year in a row, and the event has grown steadily over the years with more and more people discovering what it has to offer.

“I’m not just an organizer—a lot of people are in it for the money or just do it because it’s popular,” he says.

“I actually enjoy these and I do it for a living. I go to cons every weekend. To me, it’s just great to be able to do something you love for a living. I love to see people get excited. No matter how long we’ve been doing this, we still always reach new people. It makes it great, because that’s when you know you’re doing a good job.”