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Tuesday means laughs at Chuck’s Bar

Sign up for comedy night at Chuck's Bar begins at 9 pm every Tuesday.

STARTING about 9:30 p.m. every Tuesday, Chuck’s Bar on River Street welcomes a diverse crowd of comedians to come up and deliver their best standup.

Comedy night at Chuck’s Bar began four years ago when comedian Melanie Goldey saw the need for local comedians to have a platform.

“We really didn’t have a regular open mic in town when Chuck’s started, we only had the Bean which was lightly attended ... so once we moved to to Chuck’s it kind of blossomed,” says Goldey.

She goes on to say, “It went from being six comedians a night with no audience, to like 15-30 comedians a night with a huge crowd, I mean they do better here on Tuesdays than sometimes Saturday.”

 SCAD student Nilufer Yuce, a native of Turkey who is getting her masters in dramatic writing, started doing comedy 6 to 7 months ago and came to Chuck’s once she learned they gave a platform to new up and coming comedians.

Being one of the few female performers, Yuce says she gets most of her material from personal life experiences.

Veteran comedians Jerrod Smith and Jay Bogus are two of the regular comedians on Tuesday night.

“The crowd is very familiar with us, they know us and have been there long enough that we’ve kind of developed a good relationship with the bar, we call Chuck’s home base for comedians,” says Smith.

- photo by Melanie Goldey

Manager J.P. not only bartends on Tuesday nights, but also orders pizza for  the comedians and audience before the show begins.

With lots of laughter and good vibes in the building, many attending comedians are hoping for continuous growth in Comedy Night to where it’ll become a stopping place for big names.

“Comedy has come back in a big way I think, and people need an outlet to grow, you can’t get booked on a show without doing it,” Goldey says.