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Sick Puppies

Our mission here at Connect Savannah is to provide the most complete, and most well-rounded, coverage of arts and entertainment in the Savannah area. If something is happening in town, Joe Reader should be able to pick up a copy of this publication and find it, in one form or another.

That's where you come in, Mr. or Ms. Event producer/promoter.

We can't publish what we don't know about. If you've got something coming up, it's somehow arts-oriented, and the public can come to it, please remember to put all your info in an e-mail and send it my way:

This applies, also, to you club owners who bring in live music every week. We have a free listing, Soundboard, that everybody in town thumbs through to see where their favorite band might be playing.

If you send me your schedule, I'll include it. It's win-win situation.

Feel free to call me at (912) 721-4385 if you have a question about any of this.

Let's get your stuff in the paper. Joe Reader will thank you, and I will, too.

Making movies

 Some movies seem like they go on for 48 hours, until you start wishing somebody would pull the fire alarm and stop the projector, thus ending your audience agony.

Some movies only take 48 hours to produce. And that's the kind that interests the folks behind Savannah's newest artistic competition.

The 48 Hour Film Project invites aspiring filmmakers of all age and experience to form a team and, using your own equipment, make an original, 7-minute movie in 48 hours.

This is a national, 80-city project sponsored by Panasonic, and the ultimate winner will go on to Filmapalooza (the big 48FF event) and, just maybe, the Cannes Film Festival's Short Film Corner. There's also some keen camera equipment in the prize pipeline.

That's down the road, however. The Savannah winners - each of whom pays a $125 entry fee - are merely competing for Best Film, Best Directing, Best Writing, Best Editing, Best Acting, et cetera.

You can register at

The big day is Friday, July 17. From 6 to 7 p.m., at Blowin' Smoke BBQ, teams will get a film genre, a prop, a line of dialogue and a character - this to make sure they haven't started their film before the 24-hour period.

Completed films must be turned in to Leopold's Ice Cream that Sunday by 7:30 p.m. - complete, edited, ready to roll.

The films will be viewed by a panel of three judges (including Stratton Leopold himself, the ice cream magnate who's also produced quite a few Hollywood blockbusters). For two nights thereafter, they'll all be screened at the Jepson Center, where you and I can vote for the Audience Favorite.

Registration ends June 29.

 Musical notes

 @ The Savannah Yoga Center is bringing in the New Orleans-based trio Sean Johnson & the Wild Lotus Band July 12. This is kirtan, the "mantric music of India." Using harmonium, percussion and fretless bass, the group's show is called "Calling The Spirits: An Evening of Mystical Mantra Music." Tickets are $15 advance, $20 at the door.

@ South Carolina's Trevor Hall ("Other Ways") has a show at the Shoreline Ballroom July 24; the Australian hardcore trio Sick Puppies plays the Hilton Head Island golf-resort venue Aug. 16. Is it just me, or are the Shoreline shows getting less interesting as time goes on?