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What's Next: The Hold Steady
Craig Finn, left, holds the Hold Steady together - photo by Shore Fire

It’s turning into a banner year for rock ‘n’ roll in Savannah – the fresh stuff, I mean. That REO Speedwagon concert last month doesn’t count.

As if it weren’t cool enough that the Avett Brothers have a gig at the Johnny Mercer Theatre in June ... the Hold Steady is coming.

The Brooklyn–based band, famous for its Springsteen–esque drama, Heartbreakers–like dynamics and the thoughtful and provocative lyrics of frontman Craig Finn, has been booked into the Live Wire Music Hall Tuesday, May 25.

The Hold Steady is an exciting, electrifying band with integrity (not much of that around these days, eh?) Check out their crushing rendition of Bob Dylan’s “Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?” on the I’m Not There soundtrack. David Letterman loves them, incidentally.

Heaven is Whenever, the fifth (studio) Hold Steady album, comes out on May 4. The Live Wire date is part of the first leg of the tour supporting the new record.

The Live Wire? Really? It’s a great club, one of Savannah’s best for live music, but this is bound to be a packed–to–the–rafters show with sweat dripping from the ceiling.

Come to think of it, that might be exactly the right atmosphere for this band.

Twin Tigers will open the 9 p.m. show. Tickets are out now for $12, at

Hope in Space

“You never know what Daniel Hope will do next,” the New York Times famously said. Hope, the acclaimed British violinist who operates the Savannah Music Festival’s uber–classy Sensations concert series, will have a new gig in 2013: Musical astronaut.

Dashing Daniel has signed on to fly aboard zillionaire Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, the world’s first off–the–planet private airline.

Hope had a rigorous series of medical tests. “I’ve been pushed to my outer limits,” he says. “But I really wanted to do it. And Richard made sure I had a round–the–clock personal trainer and doctor.”

He’s commissioned a special work from an esteemed Estonian composer, and will premiere it during his extraordinary journey out of the atmosphere.

Stay tuned, adventure fans.

And now, this

... Kathleen Clark’s comedy The Secrets of a Soccer Mom is the new show at Armstrong Atlantic State University. The Masquers’ show runs this weekend (April 8-11). Coming April 29 and 30: The winning entries in the 2010 Coastal Empre New Play Festival ...

...A couple of July dates worth jotting down somewhere: South Carolina’s Darius “Hootie” Rucker will sing July 2 at Fort Stewart (with En Vogue), and country singer Jake Owen (a particular favorite of yours truly) is scheduled to perform on the 17th at the Beaufort Water Festival ...