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With us so far? Crawl of the South attempts to break world record
Will you be the 4,886th person that will put Savannah over the top as world record holder for the Largest Bar Crawl?

The Crawl of the South is Sat. May 31 and benefits United Way of the Coastal Empire, Humane Society for Coastal Georgia, and Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Savannah. Go to for more info.

The current Guinness Book of World Records official largest bar crawl record stands at 4,885 people, set in Kansas City in June 2013.

You have the opportunity to break it this Saturday. The Crawl of the South and its afterparty promise to be some of the most fun events of the summer – and summer’s just begun.

(You’ll also help raise money for local charities.)

Let’s break it down for you:

You go to Ellis Square. You pay a few bucks to register. You get a scorecard featuring 30 participating local bars.

You can purchase special little 4.4 ounce sampler beverages at the participating bars, which you then punch on your scorecard.

You only need to go to ten bars to have your bar crawling efforts count toward the Guinness World Record attempt.

We had a little chat about the event with Carrie Bligh, Executive Director of the Savannah Waterfront Association; Brian Stafford, owner of Stafford Promotions; and Chantal Coxhead, VP of Operations with Stafford Promotions.

CS: Who had the idea to try and beat the official record here, and how did that come about? Did anyone say it couldn’t be done here? 

Carrie: Savannah Waterfront Association & Stafford Promotions both had plans to break the world record, and when we found out each had the same idea we decided to join forces. I don't think anyone has said it couldn't be done... Savannah knows we can do this!

Brian: Savannah and its business owners have been very supportive. They want Savannah to hold the Guinness World Record for Largest Bar Crawl just as much as we do.

CS: What are the charities and how were they chosen?

Chantal: Savannah Waterfront and Stafford Promotions both had input in the selection of the charities. Members from each organization chose their favorite charity.

Brian Stafford was asked to run for Man and Woman of the Year to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Savannah and has had close friends and family members battling cancer within this past year.

I worked closely with United Way of the Coastal Empire for the last few years and their positive impact on this community is enormous so we choose to support them in all efforts possible. 

Lastly, everyone loves their pets. Carrie insisted that the Humane Society be one of the non-profits.

The Humane Society for Greater Savannah has such a caring and hardworking staff and bring joy to so many people’s lives that we knew they would be a beneficiary from this event.

CS: Break down the order of events for our readers.

Carrie: Crawlers will get started by picking up their scorecard in Ellis Square on May 31, anytime between 1-5 p.m. We will have day-of registration there along with live music and giveaways. 

Once you have a scorecard, you then choose 10 out of 30 participating bars to visit. Crawlers must purchase and consume a beverage at each bar in order to get the scorecard hole-punched. The beverage may be alcoholic or non-alcoholic but only has to be 4.4oz or larger so the drink specials are $1 Miller Lite and Leinenkugel Summer Shandy; $2 Jack Daniel’s Honey, Southern Comfort, and El Jimador; and $1 soda and bottled water. 

Once you have completed your scorecard (having it hole-punched at 10 bars) you meet us on Rousakis Riverfront Plaza on River Street for the exclusive afterparty to turn in your scorecard as early as 3 pm—but before 9 p.m. to be counted towards breaking the record. Guinness’ rules are that the crawl must be completed within 8 hours so it is very important that all scorecards are turned in but before 9 p.m. or they will not be counted towards breaking the record.

The record is actually the number of people to complete a bar crawl so the first 4,886 people to come to the afterparty will get a free T-shirt. There will be a DJ, mechanical bull, drinks and food, a magician, the Guinness World Records representatives, etc. at the afterparty.