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Repeal & Reveal at World of Beer
Burlesque + Beer = Freedom

Repeal and Reveal Day at World of Beer

World of Beer, 112 W. Broughton St.

Friday Dec. 5, Free admission with password

CAN YOU imagine living in Savannah during prohibition?

It’s difficult to think that our wild-at-heart, take-that-cup-to-go, drinking-martinis-in-cemeteries city was once as dry as the bones in Bonaventure.

But, as much as it would suck to live in a world without legal tallboys and hot toddies, we certainly love to romanticize those times of speakeasies, smuggled booze, and sinful glamour, don’t we?

At Repeal & Reveal Day, World of Beer lets you indulge in it all—the costuming, the password-whispering, and all the beer you could ever imagine: on tap, bottled, and 100% legal. In honor of the repeal of the 21st amendment 81 years ago, Jekyll Brewing will be offering an exclusive cask, and 21st Amendment Brewery will have plenty of drink specials.

Best of all? The Savannah Sweet Tease will be channeling the fabulous flappers and showgirls of the Roaring ‘20s in an exclusive Repeal & Reveal Day performance. Teases Edie Bellini, Magnolia Minxxx, Sadie DeSade and Miso Honey will perform.

Founder Anita Narcisse advises that the acts, all in the American burlesque tradition, will span styles from the 1920s, 1940’s, and 1950’s. Though perhaps a little more traditional than some wild and wonderful Sweet Tease fare, the performances all center around the evening’s guest of honor: booze.

“One girl’s going to be doing a drunken flapper routine,” Narcisse hints. She also makes mention of a martini glass—perhaps not unlike modern burlesque star Dita Von Teese’s famous routine.

Expect spirited drinking songs, barroom chants, and irreverent wit from emcee Skippy Spiral.

“It’s definitely going to be an all-encompassing celebration of drinking!” Narcisse laughs.

The Sweet Tease troupe has been traveling beyond its home stage at The Jinx recently; Narcisse has nothing but good things to say about co-producing the event with World of Beer.

“Their General Manager called me up...he wanted to start a good relationship with us, and I thought that was really awesome,” she says.

Now keep in mind, World of Beer is transforming into a bonafide speakeasy, so you gotta have the password to get into the party. Pop into the bar in the days preceding and ask for the code, or keep an eye on the Savannah Sweet Tease Instagram account for hints.

The Teases encourage attendees to dress up according to theme, so find some fringe or a good suit and hat and strut your stuff—they’re doing it for you, aren’t they?