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Relieve stress with these good vibration meditations
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AS A psychic medium, one of my main goals is to help my clients look at what’s happening in their lives so that they can down the volume on the things that are unwanted, and tend to all wonderful things in their life that they want to flourish.

College is your time to start planting those amazing life seeds. When the demands of your course work, outside jobs and roommates get stressful, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to tend to the things in your life that are growing and to rid yourself of those pesky weeds.

Here are five meditation techniques that you can use to help you tune out those life stressors and tune in to all the incredible opportunities that brought you to Savannah in the first place.

Automatic Writing Meditation

The Method: Take out a notebook and start a conversation between yourself and an imaginary character, kind of like writing a two-person play. Perhaps one of your characters is God, a loved one who has passed. You might even want to have a conversation with yourself. Write down anything on your mind that has you feeling worried, stressed or afraid. Hand your feelings over to the other character and let their inner wisdom help guide you to a better feeling place.

The Effect: When you are feeling stressed out and anxious, automatic writing is the most immediate, effective way to give yourself a little relief — especially if you are in class or another public place where you are unable to step away and give yourself some breathing room. The most incredible effect of this exercise is when you connect with your source of wellbeing to the point of writing some piece of insight, wisdom or information that is completely outside of you. That moment when you realize you couldn’t have made up what you just wrote if you had wanted to. That’s when you know that you’re truly communicating with the infinite wisdom that is inherent within all of us.

The Zero-Point Guided Meditation

The Method: When you are experiencing conflict about a person, think back to that “zero point” moment, when the energy of the situation was still neutral —just before line was crossed and negativity became the dominant vibration. Visualize yourself acknowledging the conflict that is about to take place to those who are involved. Express your feelings and your point of view about what was said and done (or what was left said and undone) and try to listen and understand their perspective. Offer an alternative solution to the conflict that ensued.

The Effect: Scientists are currently studying the possibility that our future actions can change the outcome of past experiences on a quantum level. This means that we can use the future as a tool to heal ourselves in the past. While the data to prove this radical theory is still pending, the Zero-Point Guided Meditation can help you to let heal your own feelings about the situation, if not the feelings of the others involved.

Sunrise Beach Walk Meditation

The Method: Walk to the northern most point of Tybee Beach at sunrise (or whatever time is sunrise for you). Find a stick and write a list in the sand of all the amazing things you are excited to manifest into your life.

The Effect: By creating a list of your dreams first thing in the morning, you are starting out your day with a boost of magical, positive energy. By leaving your list for the ocean to carry away, you are trusting that the Universe will work with you to co-create opportunities.

Twilight Beach Walk Meditation

The Method: Similar to the Sunrise Beach Walk, with a few differences; instead of listing the things you wish to create, list the things in your life that you wish to release because they no longer serve you. Plant some candlesticks in the sand to enlighten your list as you write it.

The Effect: By writing your worries at the beach before you go to sleep, you leave them in them in God’s hands, trusting that the Universe is working behind the scenes to help relieve you from your burdens. When you blow out the candles at the end of the meditation, you are releasing negative energy to the night, ushering in positive energy to start a brand new day.

Solfeggio Harmonics and Binaural Beats Meditation

The Method: When you’re feeling sick, go to YouTube and enter a list of your symptoms, plus the phrase “Solfeggio Harmonics” or “Binaural Beats” in the search bar. Choose a video, close your eyes and listen to the soundtrack. For best results, wear a headset to help your body absorb the maximum amount of healing vibes.

The Effect: Solfeggio Harmonics and Binaural Beats are two forms of biofeedback that help retune your body’s frequency from illness to wellness. YouTube is an invaluable resource in helping your body to heal itself and has thousands of videos, covering almost every physical and emotional ailment imaginable.