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The Closer we get
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Not every romance concludes happily ever after. Sometimes relationships go sour, and love turns tragic in the end. Such is the case in Closer, which will be performed this weekend at Armstrong Atlantic State University.

Written by playwright Patrick Marber, Closer examines the intertwined and complicated relationships between four characters: Alice, Larry, Anna, and Dan. Betrayal, seduction and obsession motivate these flawed people who practice the old maxim of hurting the one you love. Because of the theme and adult language, no one under 18 will be admitted.

Closer was recently released on film, starring Natalie Portman, Julia Roberts, and Jude Law. However, the movie version took liberties with the script, omitting certain scenes and even changing the end. The version at AASU will be faithful to Marber’s original story.

AASU adjunct faculty member Kirk White will direct the play, as well as perform as the character Larry — a 40-year-old dermatologist who, in spite of being professionally and financially successful, is plagued with sexual obsessions.

White described Closer as an explicit and violent love story for our time that “paints love for what it really is… heartbreaking, gut-wrenching, soul-crushing and painful.”

Kristi Snyder graduated from AASU’s theater program last December. She will be playing the role of Alice, an exotic dancer in her mid-twenties who suffered tragedy early in life. Because of her trauma, Alice is emotionally distant and a pathological liar. Snyder says she is excited about the role, stating, “Doing plays like this is the reason I became an actor. It’s brutal yet honest.”

Judit Fekete is a transfer student from Hungary who began acting at the age of six in a Hungarian commercial. She has recently graduated from the theater department at AASU and will be returning to her native land soon. Fekete plays the part of Anna, a beautiful and depressed photographer who gives up on men by the end of the play and gets a pet dog.

Fekete describes her character as frightening yet exhilarating. “That kind of frank sexuality is not something you get to experience in everyday life,” she said.

Jonathan Sturgis is a Savannah native who plays the role of Dan, a failed novelist and hopeless romantic who writes obituaries to pay the bills. Of all the characters, Dan is the most creative. Appropriately, the play ends with his closing monologue. Sturgis is excited about the part. “The script is so realistic that at times I forget I’m acting,” he said.

While Closer is “site sponsored” by AASU, the performance marks the first project done by Stegosaurus, a production company founded by White and Snyder, who said they will be leaving AASU soon to move their new business to Jacksonville, Fla.

Closer will run May 19-21 at 9 p.m. in the Blackbox Theater on the Armstrong campus. $5 for general admission. Seating is limited. No one under 18 admitted.