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The Little Mermaid: ‘A special place in our cultural memory’
Savannah Children’s Theatre performs the greatest fish tale of them all
Ariel is played by Anna Schneider. - photo by Shannon Kuanfung

SINCE its release in 1989, The Little Mermaid has taken its place among the most classic Disney offerings ever.

This past weekend Savannah Children’s Theatre opened its much-anticipated stage musical adaptation of Ariel’s tale.

(Get it? Ariel’s tale/tail? We’re here all week folks, try the veal.)

There are two more weekends left to enjoy the show. We had a quick chat with SCT director Laura Keena Wild about her life aquatic. (Hey-oooooo!)

What is the appeal of The Little Mermaid?

Laura: It's a multi-generational favorite! Young parents today were kids themselves when the film came out. The Little Mermaid is hailed as the movie that breathed life back into the art of the Disney animated film and began the era of the Disney Renaissance. It holds a special place in our cultural memory. The story is perennially adored.

What are the main differences between the stage musical and the animated film?

Laura: The plot remains true to the beloved Disney classic, but the characters are given an more up to date point of view. The script explores the relationships between a single father raising seven teenage daughters, and ultimately a young girl trying to find her own voice.

What makes this production of Disney’s The Little Mermaid so special?

Laura: Above any of our past productions, we are so thrilled to include flying by ZFX, Inc, moving lights and a bevvy of hand-crafted costumes and puppets. We are really excited to offer high quality special effects in a community theatre environment.