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A magic carpet ride through Savannah
Trish Andersen, self-proclaimed color-obsessed tufter, launches digitally printed floor mats

“I LOVE EXPLORING the different energy that the color brings. Some people shy away from color and I embrace it," artist Trish Andersen said.

Andersen is currently in her eclectic art studio working on a commission with her cat/assistant Gracie. Colorful, creative and mediative energy is felt all around in the artist’s studio.

“If you have seen pictures of my studio it’s dripping and covered in yarn, I’m a yarn hoarder,” she said.

Unlike most artists, SCAD alumna Andersen is a textile artist who paints her vision with yarn.

“Inspiration varies but it’s very color focused. I really love exploring the different energy that color brings. Most of my inspiration comes from using a tufting gun.”

Rug manufacturing seemed fitting to Andersen, who is originally from Dalton, Ga., a large carpet manufacturing area.

Recently, she launched a collection of digitally-printed floor mats, which she refers to as magic carpets and are easy to clean. Her ”Sweepable Shag” collection contains three styles (Magic, Flow, and Upward) in five colorways (O.G., Blue, Cyan, Green, and Pink) and three sizes. Andersen worked with local photographer Chia Chong to capture the magic of her electric mats, showcasing Savannah in a fun way.

“A lot of my work is about transition, human interaction and of course I draw from nature too and the shift from going to a very industrial living place [Brooklyn] to Savannah, where the trees literally drip,” Anderson said. “A lot of my work is very drippy."

“I want art to be more accessible to people, and the mats are my way of giving people an affordable option to own my work. With the added benefit of bringing color and movement into your home! I’m really inspired by how what you live with can greatly affect how you feel and experience the world.”

Andersen’s hand-tufted “drippy” rainbow staircase rug recently went viral on Instagram.

“It was a reminder of just do what you want, don’t worry about what other people think.”