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A showcase of diverse works draws to a close at Savannah’s Cedar House Gallery
The Local Artist Showcase brought in the most first-night sales the gallery has seen
Alan Kindler works on a painting in progress in his studio on the upper level of Cedar House Gallery. - photo by Noelle Wiehe
The Cedar House Gallery’s most diverse annual show of artwork collections, the Local Artist Showcase, features ceramics, glass art, jewelry, paintings, and more by 13 Savannah-area artists.

As the event draws to a close, gallery director and curator Sam Williams said the February showcase has attracted a considerable number of art fans, especially considering that the Local Artist Showcase is usually held in January.

“It was a huge success with it being done in February,” Williams said. “The gallery showcases quite a few really outstanding artists.”

Interested viewers can visit the Local Artist Showcase through Feb. 26, when the show’s closing reception during 6-9 p.m. will include some previously unseen works.

“We had our opening reception, and in high demand, people were asking for a closing session – which we haven’t done in the past,” Williams said. “The people asked and we gave them it.”

Artist Sharonna “Ronnie” Ray sold her entire Local Artist Showcase collection, but created a continuation of her “Chocolate” series to replace the pieces already bought. Williams said that collection will be seen for the first time at the closing reception.

In addition to filling the main gallery exhibit spaces, the showcase includes the upstairs studio spaces of artists including photographers and furniture designers.

The artists in the showcase paid an entry fee to be featured, and were allowed to display up to 10 pieces. The showcase was juried by Cedar House Gallery members on the grounds. Williams said a couple of artists judged the work, while she curated it.

A painting by local artist Tom Curran, on view at Savannah's Cedar House Gallery.
A painting by local artist Tom Curran, on view at Savannah's Cedar House Gallery. - photo by Noelle Wiehe
The showcase was held a month later than usual due to post-holiday-season COVID-19 concerns. However, Williams said that when it could finally open on Feb. 5, the showcase brought in the most first-night sales the gallery has seen.

Williams noted that this is the first show where the gallery has featured high-school students, with two entrants having just graduated before entering their work this year. The pieces in the showcase are all available for purchase, with prices ranging from $15 to $1,750, and a wide variety of works likely to remain on the market during the closing reception.

“This is the last night the show will be up, so if you’re still thinking about that piece you saw at the opening, come on by and grab it before it’s gone, or if you missed the opening show come swing by for the first time and show your support,” Williams said.

After the Local Artist Showcase closes, the Cedar House Gallery has scheduled a series of weekly exhibitions beginning March 5.

“After that, we are pretty much booked out with shows coming up weekly,” Williams said, noting she had some openings in April. “It’s fun to have these rotating shows.”

The Cedar House opened in May 2019 and provides private art studio spaces for artists, as well as public gallery spaces filled with a diverse variety of media. During gallery events, the studio spaces are for viewing.

The Cedar House Gallery (122 E. 36th St., Savannah) is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 5 p.m., with viewing appointments available between 9 a.m. and noon. Visit for more details.