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More than a taste
The city's biggest arty party returns from hiatus

This year has had no shortage of cultural events from Pulse to Stopover to the Music Festival and the Urban Arts Festival, as well as the Book Festival, BandWagon and others - it seems like there's been something going on every weekend since February.

If you thought you were already stuffed from a spring of cultural gluttony, it's time loosen your belt another notch and grab a place at the veritable buffet of art and music known as Taste, which takes place this weekend at Meddin Studios.

Described by organizer Rachel Raab as "a cultural indulgence," the event is a great chance to either immerse yourself in depths of local talent (if you're already familiar with a lot of the regulars in the art and music scenes), or get a survey course introduction to a lot of the amazing work being done in and around Savannah (if you aren't already in the know).

"It's just independent people getting together to make something happen, to merge all sorts of people and art forms," explains Raab, who has worked with a team of about half dozen people to put together the event.

The first Taste event took place way back in 2009, when the Meddin building existed in its previous incarnation, M.E.A.T., a collection of artists' studios and exhibition space.

More than 1,200 people flocked to the inaugural Taste to check out live music, a massive art exhibit, live painting and much more. There was a fashion show, a suspension act, jugglers and food. It was equal parts art show and side show - a circus of local creativity and a celebration of the community that's formed around it.

Not long after clean up ended, work began to convert the former slaughterhouse into what is now Meddin Studios, the state-of-the-art digital production facility - and just as soon as the event was born, it seemed to have lost its home.

After two years on hiatus, Taste was originally slated to take place in the Starland District, but after Meddin co-owner Nick Gant heard about the event's resurgence, he offered organizers the chance to return to the original location.

There will be indoor and outdoor stages that will host performances by more than 20 different acts (including notables like KidSyc@Brandywine, General Oglethorpe and the Panhandlers, Chupacabra and Boom Chick), a visual art exhibit featuring more than two dozen artists, live painting, dancing, vendors, demonstrations and more. Even at twelve hours long, the event is still packed from front to back with things to do and see, and fueled almost exclusively by local talent - a feat that seems worth celebrating.

"It's not too often in Savannah you can come and enjoy an all day, all ages, free event and just get down, hang out and look at art," says Raab. "It's an extravaganza. Everything you could want in one night."

The event will also help raise money for local non-profit organization My Brothaz Home, which helps fight HIV/AIDS locally through preventation, education and outreach.

Taste II
When: April 30, 2 p.m. - 2 a.m.
Where: Meddin Studios, 2315 Louisville Rd.
Cost: Donations at the door