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Photographer Lindsey Treadwell
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For photographer Lindsey Treadwell, mixing a Criminal Justice minor into a fine art degree has been a bit of a trial. But this Monday, Treadwell will showcase her talents for her senior exhibition at Georgia Southern University. Treadwell has found a clever and thought provoking way to combine her love of digital photography with her love of civil service with “The Have and Have Nots”, a look at the socioeconomic gap between the classes in Bulloch County. Her exhibit will take viewers into the dining room of everyman for an eye-opening look at the one thing we all must do—eat. “Socio economic standing affects everything down to what we eat and the surrounding where we eat. In this installation, I have brought the basic need of food into the realm of class,” Treadwell said in her artist statement for the show. Using information from the 2000 Bulloch County Census, Treadwell has broken down the percentages of various income levels in the area, from upper class to those living below the poverty level. What she found, says Treadwell, was disheartening. The average income in Bulloch County is only $20,190 a year. Using macro photographs of different foods, Treadwell has arranged various place settings, from fine china to paper plates, to represent how different segments of the population eat based on income. Placecards printed with different income percentages set at each chair while framed photographs of foods like sushi, ham sandwiches, caviar, steak and potato chips hang on the wall behind the table. The installation will be interactive for the viewers, but, she said, you’ll have to wait until opening night to find out how. Her exhibition will open March 20 at Gallery 303 in the Foy Fine Arts Building on the GSU campus and run until March 24. Treadwell, originally from Fayettville Ga., hopes to continue her education in graduate school, but hasn’t made definite plans. Although, she says, her ultimate goal is to work for the GBI as a forensics photographer. Infact, she seems to get down right giddy when you start talking crime scenes. But that’s a story for a later date.w