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Savannah Pedicab
635 East Broughton St.
Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 232-7900
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Established in 1994, Savannah Pedicab was an attempt to alleviate air and noise pollution while enhancing the quality of life in Savannah. Savannah Pedicab is more than a taxi company; we are equally dedicated to serving locals with reliable transportation and giving visitors a truly unique, interactive experience of the city . Our drivers are a team of well-trained, licensed professionals dedicated to fulfilling Savannah's transportation needs in an environmentally responsible manner --with an additional key component: FUN!
Our people make Savannah Pedicab a success. The employees are eagar and enthusiasric; they believe their work is more than just a job, it's a fun experience for them and the many people they meet on their cabs. They feel dedicated to the stewardship of the planet by providing simple, ecologically friendly traansportation. At all times drivers are professional, polite and personable. All Savannah Pedicab personnel meet strict health requirements and municipal government standards including knowledge of local traffic ordinances.

Savannah Pedicab is a private, locally-owned business and does not receive any government financial support. Our fares are fair because it adds to the overall experience, and we want everyone to experience a Pedicab ride.