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Akerman talks a little 'CBGB'

During a recent interview with, Malin Akerman - who's been making the rounds talking about her role in Rock of Ages - was asked about CBGB. In the film, which begins shooting next week in Savannah, Akerman will play Blondie vocalist Debbie Harry.

What's the focus of that movie?

Malin Akerman: The focus is really about CBGB and the beginnings of it, and the owner, Hilly, who created it. It will be a four-year time span, and it will present all these different artists that came through and became something, thanks to CBGB. Debbie Harry was, of course, a part of that crew.

Rock of Ages is the fantasy version of that era and industry. How gritty will CBGB get?

Malin Akerman: I think it will be a lot more gritty, for sure, as opposed to big dance numbers. It will be a little bit more about documenting the real moments and the real bands, how they became who they are and what happened at CBGB. Also, the budget is a lot smaller and it will be a shorter shooting period.

What Blondie songs are you going to sing?

Malin Akerman: "X Offender" is one. I'm not doing "Heart of Glass." That came later. This is set in ‘73 and ‘74, so it's some of her first songs. I can't remember the other one I'm doing. And I don't know if I'll actually be singing them, or just lip syncing. I hope I'll be singing, but that's a budget thing. It costs a lot to record. We'll see.