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Two wheels, one world
This year's MountainFilm documentary festival spotlights the bicycle
"With My Own Two Wheels' is an examination of the bicycle as much more than an environmentally conscious mode of transportation.

Shot on location in Zambia, Ghana, India, Guatemala and California, With My Own Two Wheels brings together the stories of five disparate individuals who use the bicycle as a way of making change in the world - "one pedal stroke at a time," as the film's producers like to say.

With My Own Two Wheels is one of the documentary features being screened at the Trustees Theatre Friday and Saturday, Jan. 20 and 21, as part of the annual Savannah visit by Colorado's MountainFilm On Tour.

The collection of short docs began in Telluride in the late 1970s, and within a few years could claim to be "America's leading independent documentary film festival." In 1999, MountainFilm On Tour was born, bringing the festival's central issues - the breathtaking beauty of the planet, and man's place in it - to Anytown, U.S.A.

There are three MountainFilm screenings - one on Friday night, one Saturday afternoon (geared towards families) and another Saturday evening.

With My Own Two Wheels is part of the final screening session, Saturday evening.

The film is an examination of the bicycle as much more than an environmentally conscious mode of transportation, or a fun but expensive toy, something many Americans take for granted.

There's the health worker in Zambia, who can reach twice as many patients. The Indian teen who can get the best education by traveling a long distance on his bike. The disabled woman in Gambia who takes great pride in repairing bicycles in her community. The farmer in Guatemala. The young man avoiding gang violence in big-city California.

As a tie-in with the documentary, MountainFilm is sponsoring a seven-mile bicycle ride through Savannah, starting at 11 a.m. Saturday. Anyone is welcome to participate; the ride begins and ends at the southern border of Forsyth Park (across Park Avenue from the Sentient Bean).

With My Own Two Wheels producer Ian Wexler will attend the screening, and conduct an audience Q&A.

Tickets for each screening session are $10 public, $5 military, at

Here's the full schedule (all screenings at the Trustees Theater, 216 E. Broughton St.).

Friday, Jan. 20/7-9:30 p.m.:

Cold; Kadoma; Way Back Home; Yelp; Barber of Birmingham; On Assignment: Jimmy Chin

Saturday, Jan 21/3-5 p.m.:

Amazonia; Skateistan; One Plastic Beach; The Shark Riddle; Tad Pole; Animal Beatbox; Mr. Happy Man

Saturday, Jan. 21/7-9 p.m.:

Desert River; Chasing Water; Into Darkness; With My Own Two Wheels; The Fall Line; Towers of Ennedi