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Brew & Improved
Brew Fest unveils a few new surprises

The Savannah Craft Brew Festival celebrates its 7th edition this Labor Day Weekend. While many of the cool stuff you know and love will be in full effect— including indoor and outdoor beer gardens, a cider garden, the Sam Adams Brew University, a sports bar, and of course a Cornhole Tournament—there's some awesome new additions worth talking about.

In Through the Back Door

One of the few complaints about last year’s festival was the long line that rapidly materialized as folks tried to get in the single entrance on the landward side of the Trade Center. “Our crew went to Savannah to scout around and see what we could do to alleviate that problem this year,” says festival chief organizer Jay Wilson of Red Mountain Entertainment. “So we added a separate entrance on the other side of the venue to accommodate the large crowds coming in on the Water Belles ferries across the river. They’ll get their own entrance right there where the ferries come in, and that will lessen the crowds trying to get in on the other side of the building.”

Panic! At the Silent Disco

What could be more fun than dancing with your friends at a disco? Uh, maybe watching other people dance at a disco just with headphones on and looking really silly? “There will be a table of headphones and you just get a few beers in you, enter the disco area, put on the headphones and start dancing,” Wilson says. “You have fun dancing, and people gather around and have fun watching you dance, not being able to hear what you’re dancing to. We tried this at an event we ran in New Orleans and it was a smash hit.”

A Need for Mead

Mead, of course, was once the drink of choice for Viking warriors as they feasted before going into battle, and preferably after that to Valhalla. But for us humble hipsters it’s a drink made of fermented honey with all sorts of flavors and spices added to it. The Craft Brew Fest this year will feature a Mead Garden. Leave your swords and horned helmets at home please.

Mound of Love

No it’s not what you think, get your mind out of the gutter. “It’s basically a whole lot of great beer that one lucky winner can go home with,” says Wilson. “We figure who wouldn’t want to spend five bucks for the chance to score a huge table full of awesome beer?” The raffle benefits a cause very near and dear to one of the fest’s sponsors’ hearts, the 1st Ranger Battalion Sua Sponte Foundation, a charity that assists U.S. Army Rangers and their families in times of great need. Look for the Mound of Love and your chance to enter the raffle next to the merch booth.