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College Issue: Top 10 Coffee Spots
Matching your beans to your means

Best Spot for a Rainy Day: The Foundery Coffee Pub

Location: 1313 Habersham St.

Serves: Cup to Cup, Savannah

I recently discovered this newly-opened gem of a coffee shop, and one of my favorite things about it is they offer board games and books with Monday night dedicated to ‘Game Night’. They opened last November and have already become one of Savannah’s favorites. The Foundery’s cozy booth seating, large space offering plenty of room and location of being away from the hustle and bustle of downtown make it the perfect spot for enjoying a cup of coffee indoors on a rainy Savannah day.

Best Spot for a Sunny Day: The Florence Coffee

Location: 1 B West Victory Dr.

Serves: Counter Culture, Durham, NC

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of the restaurant and probably the bar, but did you know The Florence had a coffee shop? Exciting, I know! What’s even more exciting is that you never have to worry about parking because of the free parking garage located right next to it. Their indoor seating is a bar with some comfy-looking bar chairs, however, I prefer sitting outdoors at one of the three big tables under the string lights. On a sunny afternoonI find myself drawn to The Florence for delicious Counter Culture coffee and good conversation with friends.

Best International Getaway: The Paris Market Café

Location: 36 West Broughton St.

Serves: Cup to Cup, Savannah

So it’s not solely a coffee shop, but The Paris Market Café serves one of my favorite iced mochas and delicious treats. They’ve recently expanded their seating and it’s the ideal spot for when I want to feel like I’m enjoying a cup of good coffee in a café in France.

Best Evening Entertainment Spot: Foxy Loxy

Location: 1919 Bull St.

Serves: PERC, Savannah

Acoustic Tuesdays, Fire + Wine Saturdays, and Vinyl Night. At least three nights out of the week, Foxy Loxy will provide affordable and good entertainment for us. If the weather permits, these events all take place in Foxy’s court yard, which, by itself with no entertainment but good company and coffee is enjoyable.

Best Spot When One Wants Coffee and The Other Wants Alcohol: The Coffee Fox

Location: 102 West Broughton St.

Serves: PERC, Savannah

Not being a drinker of alcohol, I often find myself in a dilemma with friends when they want to meet up for drinks downtown. Enter The Coffee Fox. Because of their menu which provides an amazing selection which including locally roasted coffee and beer and wine, I’m able to suggest the perfect spot for “drinks.”

Best Spot To See Local Talent: The Sentient Bean

Location: 13 E Park Ave.

Serves: Cafe Campesino, Americus, GA

Whether you’re looking for local talent or you are the local talent, The Sentient Bean is the spot for you. Twice a week they host an Open Mic Night for Music and Poetry and once a month they host an Open Mic Night for Comedy. And for my fellow film lovers, The Bean also frequently host screenings by The Psychotronic Film Society.

Best Spot When Family and Friends Visit: Gallery Espresso

Location: 234 Bull St.

Serves: A private blend!

Gallery has been around since 1993 and is considered one of the local coffee shop veterans. When family and friends come to visit and they want a taste of old historic downtown Savannah, you have to take them to Gallery. Gallery Espresso’s commitment to local art, location on a historic square, and coffee and food options have made it a must visit coffee shop for Savannah visitors.

Best Breakfast or Lunch Spot: coffee.deli

Location: Habersham Village

Serves: Cup to Cup, Savannah

Not only offering locally roasted Cup to Cup java, coffee.deli features some super tasty lunch fare as well, including a Reuben, a Cuban, and rotating specials like the Banh Mi So Hungry, a take on the classic Vietnamese sandwich. Open daily 6 a.m.-10 p.m., they’re also a dependable spot for tasty egg sandwiches and bagels to get your morning going.

Best Coffee Date Spot: Vic's Coffee House

Location: 15 E River St.

Serves: Savannah Coffee Roasters, Savannah

It’s located right on River Street and open until 11 p.m. most nights. Vic’s Coffee House and its more formal booth seating and round tables make for a perfect coffee date spot. After you and your date have dinner, you can stop at Vic’s for a pick me up before strolling River Street to enjoy all the local vendors and talent to be found there on a weekend night.

Best Get-It-And-Go Spot: Cutters Point Coffee

Location: 7360 Skidaway Rd.

Serves: Cutters Point Coffee, Gig Harbor, WA

Although there are several Cutters Point Coffees on the west coast, Cutters Point located in Sandfly is locally owned and going on 11 years. It’s the only local coffee shop with a drive-thru window, making it easy for those on their way to work or school who need to get it and go. They also have a self-service coffee station set up inside and for those who love exact change, there is an honor code system allowing you drop in your money, make your coffee, and be on your way.