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Drink in the Season
10 creative signature cocktails to enjoy in Savannah during the holidays
Feet Don't Fail Me Now - photo by The Grey
The holidays are here, signaling an end to a challenging 2020 and providing some much-needed hope and optimism. Savannah’s bars and restaurants are reflecting the flavors of the season in their menus, ready to welcome customers for coronavirus-safe dining and drinking. Local mixologists use ample creativity to provide a feeling of festivity with every sip of their signature cocktails − here are some of their most inspired concoctions to make your season bright. Forsyth Park at Dark: Anyone looking for a speakeasy vibe will be happy to find Artillery reopening their doors to present cocktail magic. This drink combines fresh blackberries and mint mixed with lemon juice, demerara sugar, Teeling Irish Whiskey, and High Wire Amaro made in Charleston. General Manager Jeffrey Lyle describes the flavor as slightly tart with a touch of cinnamon and clove from the amaro, and a refreshing finish from the mint. Artillery, 307 Bull St.; Blue Blazer Hot Toddy: Paul Rabe enjoys mixing up cocktails for visitors at the Congress Street Up bar within the American Prohibition Museum. He loves that the basic building blocks of a hot toddy − whiskey, brandy or rum with hot water, lemon and honey − can yield a wide variety of versions. When it comes to festive flavor, the Blue Blazer is a glass of flaming fun. Congress Street Up, 220 W. Congress St.; glass of flaming fun. Congress Street Up, 220 Peter’s Thymely Punch: Cotton & Rye is a welcoming site for delighting in Chef Caleb’s gourmet comfort foods, including happy-hour snacks like fried green beans and shrimp remoulade. Meanwhile, bartender Greg Thornton does his part with concoctions like this pleasing punch, blending heirloom gin with carrot, fresh thyme, apple cider vinegar and sparkling water for a refreshing herbaceous cup. Cotton & Rye, 1801 Habersham St.;
Chai to Catch Up
Chai to Catch Up - photo by Rocks on the Roof
Feet Don’t Fail Me: Bartender Addison Mason presents this pine-infused scotch drink that reflects all that is celebratory about the holidays at The Grey. “We infuse scotch with lemongrass sourced from our garden next to our restaurant and add citrus, honey and stone-pine liqueur,” Mason says. The result is a bright and uplifting flavor, different for those who might not necessary order a scotch drink. The Grey, 109 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.; Salted Caramel Apple Coupe: Lili’s Beverage Director Kelly Worley creates this sweet liquid treat by coating a rimmed coupe glass with caramel sauce, kosher salt, and sugar before adding Jack Daniel’s Apple Jack Whiskey, ginger liqueur, dry hard cider, and a healthy splash of pineapple juice. The drink reflects the flavors of fall county fairs inspired by her Indiana upbringing. Lili’s Restaurant & Bar, 326 Johnny Mercer Blvd.; Smoked Ginger Limoncello: The grand Mansion on Forsyth Park is now festooned with festive decorations to bring the seasonal spirit to another level. In line with that attention to detail, the Mansion’s bartending crew creates a house-made smoked-ginger lemon liqueur and combines it with a splash of soda and a large cranberry ice cube. The drink is tastefully garnished with a lemon peel and a sprig of fresh thyme. Mansion on Forsyth Park, 700 Drayton St.; Is It Fall Yet?: While beer is their specialty, Moon River serves up more than suds. This deluxe Old Fashioned is crafted with Cask & Crew Walnut Toffee Whiskey, locally made Ghost Coast Master Bourbon, some Luxardo cherry and Angostura bitters. According to bartender Stokes Holmes, “The orange and cherry ties it all together.” Moon River Brewing Company, 21 W. Bay St.; The Gambler: Using good-quality bourbon as the base to this fall-flavored beverage is a must. The bartenders at Plant Riverside then carefully blend the bourbon with a slow-simmered cinnamon-demerara syrup – imparting heartwarming tastes of toffee and caramel – along with lemon juice and some spiced apple cider. It’s served on the rocks, because in Savannah a cold cocktail can hit the spot even during winter. Plant Riverside District, 400 W. River St.; Chai to Catch Up: The Rocks on the Roof mixologists warm up the view with this flaming tipple. Knob Creek, Giffard Banane du Brésil, Vermouth di Torino infused with chai tea, and Angostura Bitters are stirred together over ice. Finally, a coin-sized orange-peel slice is squeezed to provide the oil lit by a torch for a complex and delicious showy drink. Rocks on the Roof at the Bohemian, 102 W. Bay St.; The Shacket: To complement their food trucks, Starland Yard’s Yard Bar offers this concoction of winter-friendly ingredients: blended scotch, apple cider, cinnamon, allspice, and amaro to add herbal notes. Spices and a little citrus oil finishes the drink, and as Cocktail Program Consultant James Nowicki describes, “makes you feel like you’re wrapped up in your favorite cozy flannel shirt.” Starland Yard Yard Bar, 2411 Desoto Ave.;