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Summer Living: Five cocktails you gotta sip before summer's over
Frozen Jack 'n' Coke

IT WAS a tough job, but someone had to do it.

In the height of sweltering June, we combed Savannah for the chillest cocktails out there; The Hostess City, as she does, delivered.

Whether you’re planning for quiet conversation and craft cocktails or a weekend booze cruise with guests, you’ll never feel parched with these winners.

Gil at work
Gil at work

Peach Tea @The Jinx

A shot of Turkey and a big ol’ PBR may be customary at the downtown music venue, but the Jinx boys have whipped up one hell of a summer drink menu. We’re hooked on the Peach Tea, crafted from a winning trifecta of Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka, fresh peach puree, and lemon juice. Crisp and totally refreshing, it’s just the right amount of sweet—not too overpowering—and the fruity undertones will make you proud to be sipping in the Peach State.

Rum Horchata
Rum Horchata

Gil whips up an amazing Rum Horchata, too—it’s essentially a White Russian for summer, crafted with house-made horchata, rum, and a dusting of cinnamon nutmeg. With the horchata’s rice base, it’s almost like savoring a light dessert. Try the full summer menu from Monday through Friday during happy hour.

Frozen Jack & Coke @Congress Street Social Club

Remember the thrill of biking down to the convenience store for a frosty Coke slushy during summer vacation? So that’s what’s going on here, but with whiskey. See? Being an adult ain’t so bad!

It’s an amazing treat to sip in the shade on Social’s patio, but pace yourself—brain-freeze is the worst, and was experienced intensely while conducting research for this article. We suffer so you don’t have to.

Gangsta's Paradise
Gangsta's Paradise

Gangsta's Paradise @Blowin' Smoke

Why kick off a vacation day with mimosas when you could be sippin’ on gin and juice? We are all about this concoction of TRU Organic Botanical Gin, simple syrup, elderflower, and fresh citrus juice—the flavors are well-balanced, with the elderflower giving the OJ a certain air of sophistication. Pinky out, y’all.

Premium Margarita @Tequila's Town

What’s summer without a perfect margarita and some tacos? The frosty fave has its own menu section at Tequila’s Town; if you wanna go classic, treat yourself to the Premium, hand-shaken and made from your selection of top shelf tequila. Those who like a little kick can opt for the Jalapeno Margarita, which is hand-shaken with fresh peppers. Keep an eye out for deals: just $4 for a small house marg—and if you really wanna be ballin’ on a budget, get down there at happy hour for buy-one-get-one!

Sake Bloody Mary @Foxy Loxy

So you stayed out all night trying all aforementioned delicious cocktails. Everything hurts. Let Foxy help. There’s much more room to breathe now that SCAD’s out for summer, so take full advantage and bring the whole gang to brunch in the courtyard.

While you’re soaking up the previous night’s booze with Tex-Mex morning delights like the Foxy Haystack (hash browns, bacon, cilantro crema, cheese, and salsa over grits? YES), get a little hair of the dog. The Sake Bloody Mary is a great cure: sake, combined with their own Foxy Bloody Mary Mix, olives, and a lemon slice, is a welcome way to kick start your morning.