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Tamp and Tap combines your two great loves: Coffee and Beer

IT IS not uncommon these days for breweries to throw a party surrounding a special release beer. Southbound Brewing is putting their own unique spin on the concept, however, bringing local flair to their coffee infused imperial stout Moonlight Drive release party on Saturday, December 5th.

Each year Southbound Brewing releases Moonlight Drive at an event dubbed Tamp and Tap. The Tamp comes from the PERC coffee that is used the brewing of the beer and the tap... well, that’s the beer itself.

The Southbound-PERC collaboration started three years ago and has continued each year since. Carly Wiggins of Southbound spoke about this year’s Moonlight Drive and how it differs from previous years.

“Each year they (PERC) pick a coffee blend they feel will be appropriate for the brew. This year Philip (Brown) chose Guatemala Asproguate. It’s rich and sweet with hints of burnt sugar and raspberry,” says Wiggins.

“Instead of adding the coffee whole bean into the boil we take a different approach. We add it in after fermentation is complete. It sits on the coffee for about 72 hours. It’s actually more like a cold press. This ensures it retains its smoothness over time.”

Many beer collectors will buy several bottles of an imperial stout because they tend to age well. This isn’t always the case for coffee beers as the coffee flavors that make them distinct fade with time. Carly says Moonlight Drive is an exception to this, as the cold press process slows that fade and helps maintain the richness of the coffee over time.

The local flair of the Tamp and Tap isn’t limited to the Southbound-PERC collaboration. Since the event’s inception, Tamp and Tap has been held at Southern Pine Company, which is also PERC Roasters’ home.

“Ramsey Khalidi lets people walk through SPC and check out his space. It’s really unique,” says Wiggins.

Serving up food with be local favorites Johnny Harris who will be featuring their BBQ and sauces from their Bow-Tie line, each made with a local ingredient. One of these sauces is made form Sounthbound’s Hop’ln IPA, another with Savannah Bee Compnay’s honey. Savannah Bee will be on hand for tastings and sales. Included in the local frenzy is the band Bottles and Cans who will be playing throughout the event.

“This event was created to celebrate all of the really amazing products coming out of our beautiful city. Not only the products, but the people,” Wiggins says.

“I know everyone puts their heart into what they do and it shines through in the product. Being able to come together and have a space to share this is really special. We just want everyone to have the opportunity to share that and for the end user to get to know the people behind the products.”

Moonlight Drive may be the focus of the event but Tamp and Tap also benefits ArtRise one of Savannah’s up and coming arts organizations, Choosing ArtRise was a no brainer for Carly.

“Art Rise made sense for this. They are all about promoting creative opportunities here in Savannah. Everyone involved in this event are artisans. We’re creating high quality ingredients, sourcing locally when we can, and contributing back to the community.”

ArtRise is thrilled to be part of Tamp and Tap.

Clinton Edminster, Executive Director, tells me “This is our second year working with Southbound and Perc and we couldn’t be happier. Last year’s event was a blast and looking back it’s amazing to see how much has changed for all our organizations.”

“To be honest, Art Rise is fueled by the two drinks we’ll be celebrating. I have a mug of Southbound Scattered Sun Belgian Wit every morning to get me motivated, and a cup of PERC coffee to put me to sleep. Without those, I’d still be asleep.”

Tamp and Tap will be held in the courtyard of Southern Pine Company Saturday Dec. 5 starting at 1 pm. Entry to the event is free but if you want o partake of Moonlight Drive and Southbound’s other beers you need a ticket, $25.00 in advance and $30.00 at the door, though advance tickets are highly recommended.

Ticket prices include a Southbound souvenir pint glass and Several of Sounthbound’s beers including two taps of Moonlight Drive, regular and nitro. BBQ from Johnny Harris will be on sale as are wares from all participants. This is a kid and pet friendly event. Don’t forget your ID. Cheers!