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Beer + Kickball = Go Bananas!
New Craft Beer Kickball League runs March to May in Grayson Stadium

To register for the Craft Beer Kickball League visit

"I THOUGHT, what could be better than combining one of my childhood passions with one of my adult passions? Playing kickball and drinking great craft beer. It doesn’t get better than that!" says Jesse Cole, owner of the Savannah Bananas.

That’s how the Savannah Craft Beer Kickball League got its start. Running may be emphasized in the Brew/Drink/Run name, but we have always been about combining an active lifestyle with craft beer.

We know that running is not for everyone, so we applaud the addition of kickball to the local exercise scene.

With Grayson Stadium as home field, the Craft Beer Kickball League will commence on March 9 and will field teams every Thursday night until May 4.

Each evening will start with three games played simultaneously under Grayson’s lights. The games will culminate in a round of craft beer provided by one of the League sponsors.

The Bananas games last season featured a dedicated craft beer bar, so Mr. Cole’s enthusiasm for beer does not come as a surprise.

“We are pumped to be teaming up with two local craft breweries, Service and Coastal Empire, as well as two of the most well known national craft breweries in Lagunitas and Dogfish Head. We can’t guarantee that the kickball will be top of the line. But the beer certainly will,” Cole says.

The final beer list isn’t confirmed yet but a variety of beverages from each brewery are promised. Between the four breweries there should be plenty of options for even the most jaded craft beer drinker. All of the four sponsoring breweries offer good post exercise options

The league is designed to encourage both individuals and groups to get together and play. If you have enough friends or coworkers to organize as a team then you can play as a group. If being a free agent is more your thing then you can register individually to be placed with a group of other solo registrants.

Registration for the League was announced only a few weeks ago but signups have been active.

“The response so far has been incredible and I can’t wait to get started in March,” Liz Bushaw, Marketing and Events Coordinator for the Bananas, tells me.

As a baseball fan I have always seen Grayson Stadium as one of Savannah’s treasures. The history, architecture and cozy neighborhood feel of the place has always been an additional reason to go to a baseball game.

As a fan of the stadium itself I have always thought that it could and should be better utilized in the off-season. The Craft Beer Kickball League is a great first step in moving toward that ideal.

“I think that this will be a really great way to keep the energy alive at Grayson during the off season,” Cole says.

As you might guess all players must be 21 or over. Each member whether on a team or individual pays $69.00 and receives an exclusive team t-shirt, one craft beer every Thursday of the season and eight weeks of healthy competition, great craft beer and good fun.