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Drink a toast to Brew/Drink/Run’s 200th Episode Celebration

The Brew/Drink/Run 200th Episode Celebration is at Service Brewing, 574 Indian St., Sat., March 3, 6-8 pm. More info at and You will be able to purchase a glass of BDR beer as well as other Service offerings. Live taping will take place during those two hours. 21+ event.

THE FIRST Brew/Drink/Run podcast went live on July 26, 2012. Back then we had no idea what would happen, how long it would last or if anyone would even listen.

But here we are almost six years later and nearing 200 episodes. At 200 episodes we’ve done a lot of home brewing, run many miles consumed a heck of a lot of beer.

We think that’s worth celebrating and our friends at Service Brewing agree.

To celebrate the 200th episode, we worked with Service to throw a little party, brew up a special beer and record a live podcast at the brewery. You read that correctly, a live Brew/Drink/Run podcast that you can attend while drinking a glass of a BDR/Service collaboration beer.

The big event will take place March 3, 6- 8 pm at Service Brewing. Call it what you want but we’re calling it the Brew/Drink /Run 200th Podcast Episode Celebration.

It’s the event that no one has asked for, but we’re giving it to you anyway. Because we love you.

We start every podcast with a beer, and this time we’ll be starting with our own. Right now this beer has no official name so I’m going to call it the BDR beer.

A few weeks ago Lee, Keith and I met up at Service Brewing to brew up a beer under the guidance of Service’s Head Brewer, Austin Brown. We knew we wanted to brew up something that would last and maybe get better while sitting for a bit, so we opted for a Russian imperial stout. All agreed that a Russian imperial would be a good base for us to mess around with and add some spices and additional flavors to.

We wanted to be as involved as possible with the brewing so Austin put us to work measuring malts which we crushed for transfer to the boil. I guess I should say a big machine actually did the crushing of the malts — we were in a production brewery so the process was a little easier than a small batch home brew.

We were really impressed with Austin’s skill, knowledge and attention to detail; I want him around on all my home brews from now on. The process was a very much like a home brew but on a larger scale than I had worked on, and it was nice using the fancy equipment.

During the boil we added the hops, in our case Citra and Zythos, several pitchers of pureed oranges and a few ounces of cloves. Later, toward the end of the boil we also added a few quarts of molasses. After we left the BDR beer was dry hopped and some additional orange zest was added.

The goal was to create a big, (9.8% ABV) festive, roasty, rich beer and all indications show that happening. The first tastings had me a little worried because the clove was very prominent but it is softening with a little time and the roast and citrus is shining though.

There is only one keg of the BDR beer so come to the celebration to make sure you have a glass — it won’t last long.

At the celebration we’ll set up and record the 200th episode of the BDR podcast live. We plan to have several guests on. Austin will be there to help talk about the beer and the brewing process of course but we’ll also have several long time listeners, supporters and previous guests on to help us celebrate.

In addition to talking about brewing our own beer we’ll talk about running and exercise for a little bit, maybe. Who knows what will happen on a live taping, but we hope it will be interesting and it will surely be entertaining!