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Gift Giving Guide for the Craft Beer Drinker

BUYING holiday beer for your craft beer loving friend or family member can be tough. Sure, you can go grab a mixed six-pack and call it a day, but many beer drinkers like to check off every beer they can get their hands on and may have already tasted everything on local shelves.

How can you know if they have had a particular beer? If your beer aficionado is anything like the guys around Brew/Drink/Run then buying beer is really hard unless you can get your hands on one of the craft beer whales.

This Holiday gift list focuses on gifts for those of us who want to do something more than run to the local bottle shop.

Stocking Stuffers: Go Local

Every beer drinker has their favorite brewery and I’ll wager yours even has a favorite local brewery. Let them wear their love for local beer buy picking up a gift from one. T-shirts and pint glasses are always appreciated and let craft beer lovers show their pride in local beer. All four of Savannah’s breweries, Southbound, Service, Moon River and Coastal Empire have several options for any desired style. Whatever the brewery preference, remember supporting local is good for your economy and your brewery.

Still want to buy beer and not gear? Then pick up a gift card from Hops and Barley, Largo or one of the Habersham Beverage branches. Beer is never a bad option.

For the Collector: Beer Cap Maps

Does your craft beer drinker collect more than just the beers themselves? If your beer drinker has a ton of caps squirreled away Beer Cap Maps is the gift for them. Beer Cap Map displays provide the stylish way to show off that cap collection. Beer Cap Maps are laser cut from 5mm thick plywood, each with a unique grain pattern that makes every map one of a kind. The designs come in all forms, from a US map to show off that full collection to individual states that can be used to showcase your favorite local brewery. This year Beer Cap Maps is offering up smaller ornament sized version of the maps so you can decorate your tree with beer. Pick your beer drinkers favorite state and let them show their pride and their love of craft beer.

For the beer drinker who has everything: Sweetwater Brewing: Healing for the Holidays

SweetWater Brewing has teamed up with Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc. this holiday to provide a way to make your craft beer drinker happy and help support disabled veterans and disabled active service personnel. Project Healing works to emotionally rehabilitate these service members though fly-fishing, education and other active lifestyle outings. SweetWater has developed a collection of items for sale; 100% of the funds from these sales will go directly to Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing.

The Big Gift; Klean Kanteen 64 oz. Growler

Your beer drinker loves their draft beer. The Klean Kanteen Growler lets them take it home in style. This vacuum insulated growler is beautiful and keeps growler fills fresher and carbonated longer than the standard glass bottle growlers. The insulation really does keep the beer colder longer and the swing top lid has a heavy duty threadless seal to hold in carbonation. These stainless steel growlers come in 32, 40 and 64 oz. sizes to fit any draft lovers needs. These can, of course be used for liquids other than beer, but why would you want to?