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Love beer? Love comics?
You’re in luck at upcoming White Whale/Neighborhood Comics collaborative event

ALL NERDS are the same. The definition of a nerd is "a single-minded expert in a particular technical field," so let’s shake off those negative connotations and embrace the title of craft beer nerd.

If you are a craft beer nerd then you know all about craft beer, and what IPA, DIPA, ABV, IBU, RIS are. I’ll bet you even have a want list, maybe a long list of stouts you want to try or craft beer whales you want to hunt down and trade for.

This makes you no different than your comic book nerd brethren. They too have a want list, maybe a list of X-Men or Batman comics or maybe it’s a long list of comic book whales they are willing to hunt down on eBay.

Maybe you’re one of those truly poor souls who is both a comic book nerd and a craft beer nerd. You, my friend, are truly my brother. We’re all in the same boat no matter how you look at it, so let’s join forces.

On March 31, White Whale Craft Ales will host an event that will bring both of these two worlds together. Savannah’s newest comic store, Neighborhood Comics will be setting up at White Whale for a pop up event that also coincides with the Forsyth Farmers Market.

You may not have heard of Neighborhood Comics and that wouldn’t be surprising -- they are very new to Savannah and don’t yet have a brick and mortar location. Neighborhood Comics is a locally owned operation that focuses on sharing the art and culture of comic books. They sell comics and comic related artwork and animation cels.

They say it this way, “We love comic books. The art, the storytelling, the history. So much of our current popular culture is driven by square panels, bright colors and sounds written out into words. Neighborhood Comics is our way of contributing to this culture. We create custom experiences designed for real comic book nerds.”

Neighborhood Comics has popped up at a few local events, including the Rick and Morty Mobile event and at Savannah Comic Con a few weeks ago, and plan on continuing to do these pop up events from time to time until they are able to open a walk in store.

At this event they will be selling back issues, blind bags and will feature a few pages of comic page artwork and a handful of vintage animation cels.

White Whale you should know by now. Located on Bull Street a block south of Forsyth Park, White Whale has been Savannah’s primary craft beer-only bottle shop for a while now. If you follow White Whale on Instagram you’ll see that they often make references to comics in their posts, so it will come as no surprise that the owners of White Whale are comic book fans themselves.

Craft beer and superheroes have never been more popular than they are right now. This event is perfect for these two local super hero retailers to team up and bring happiness and love to their nerd friends.

This collaborative event is set to take place on March 31 10:30 a.m. to 2 a.m., perfect timing if you’re already attending the Farmers Market. With White Whale only a block away it’s an easy walk to pick up a six pack or a growler and a few comics while you’re at it.

Now that Savannah allows White Whale to serve pints in shop you can peruse Neighborhood Comics wares while enjoying a glass of excellent craft beer. You can find White Whale at 1207 Bull Street and, until you can find them in their store Neighborhood Comics can be found at