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Savannah Craft Beer Week is here!
Popular series of events leads up to the Savannah Craft Brew Fest

STARTING August 25 and running through September 1, Savannah Craft Beer Week has become an annual event that celebrates all things craft beer related. Leading into the Savannah Craft Beer Festival, the week before sees various venues all around town host tap takeovers for local and national breweries.

The scope varies from small, intimate tastings with single breweries to large-scale events that are sure to attract hundreds of beer enthusiasts. At many of these events breweries representatives will be on hand to talk beer and hand out some brewery goodies.

Here is a run down of just a few highlights from Savannah Craft Beer week.

Saturday, August 25: Coastal Empire's 7th Birthday. It’s amazing that Coastal has been brewing beers for seven years but it’s a reality. To celebrate Coastal will be holding a Birthday Bash from 5:00-9:00 on Saturday August 25. Expect some special beers on tap including a Ghost Coast Distillery rum barrel aged Coco Pina Gose and a Stawberry Whip Milkshake IPA. Food will be provided by the Bowtie Barbeque food truck. Music will be provided by local blues group Brett Barnard and the Hitman Band.

Sunday, August 26: Green Truck Pub and Service Brewing will get things started with “Sausage Fest.” Green Truck will have a special, one day only, all sausage menu. According to Green Truck the menu isn’t set yet but there will be two types of Hunter Cattle Pastured Pork Sausages and a housemade Vegan “Sausage” available, with different combinations of scratch-made toppings. They will also be pulling out some special new sausage-friendly sides; German Potato Salad & homemade Kraut for example and a brand-new housemade dessert. Expect the menu to be in the price range of Green Trucks usual menu. The popular Octo-Dog will be available for the kids. This is not a beer pairing dinner but an a la carte menu with suggested beer pairings. As usual no reservations just no special seating just a break from the usual Green Truck style. Remember Green Truck is usually closed on Sundays so this is a special Craft Beer Week event.

Monday, August 27: Crystal Beer Parlor will be hosting not one, not two but ALL FIVE of our local Savannah Breweries. Southbound, Coastal Empire, Service, Moon River and Two Tides will all be present with favorites new and old. Taps start flowing at 5:00pm and run until 10:00pm.

Tuesday, August 28: Marsh Trash release party at Two Tides Brewing. Two Tides collaborated with local artist Tittybats to combine an eclectic mix of ingredients into one beer. Marsh Trash is a Norwegian Farmhouse Sour fermented with Kviek yeast (kviek translates to yeast in Norwegian) and soured with lactobacillus. It is fermented extremely warm, creating tropical, pineapple like esters from both the kviek and lacto plantarum. Additives include Pop Tarts, watermelon rind, seaweed, and Doritos to the boil. Marsh Trash will be available in cans. The party will start at 5:00 and run until 10:00.

Wednesday August 29: Mmmmmm coffee and beer. There is a new “brew pub” coming to town. Their kickoff party is happing at Southbound Brewing on August 29. In celebration they collaborated with Southbound to create a coffee infused Pilsner. This is brewed with their special bean from Cup to Cup Roasters. They will also have some of their food menu items available for tastings. The party happens from 6:00-8:00pm.

Thursday August 30: Take your pick: Crystal Beer Parlor; Sometimes I Lager Sometimes I IPA, 13 breweries, 13 lagers, 13 IPAs, 5:00-10:00pm. The Distillery; Frank the Tank, all high gravity beers, 5:00-10:00pm. Local Beer night at Spanky’s 6:00-9:00 with Southbound and Two Tides.

Friday August 31: Finish a long week of beer events off at the Distillery with Night of the Beer Geek 8.0. The title says it all. This is a big night for beer geeks. The Distillery brings out the biggest and most outrageous beers they can get their hands on, 22 taps of exclusive beers if you’re counting. This is a night you just might be able to check off one of those craft beer “whales” you’ve been looking for. Night of the Beer Geek 8.0 runs from 7:00 pm upstairs in the Speak Easy.

Saturday, September 1: The Savannah Craft Beer Festival is the culmination of Savannah Craft Beer week. With over 150 different craft beers on hand the Savannah Craft Beer Festival promises to be a good look at the variety of beers available in the Savannah market. Tickets are available at and at Habersham Beverage who, along with Southbound Brewing, are the Festival sponsors. General admission tickets are $45.00 or $50 at the gate. Designated Driver (and you should have one) tickets are available for $15.00 for General Admission.

This list just scratches the surface of the events happening at Savannah Craft Beer Week. There are plenty of other locations around town that will be part of the action. Keep an eye out for all the usual suspects all have themed events lined up. Cheers!