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The best beer apps

CRAFT BEER! Yes there is an app for that. In fact there are lots of apps that are intended to add to your beer drinking experience. Here are a few that follow through on that promise

Untappd: No that's not a typo. Untappd has no E but If you only have room for one beer app, E or no E, this is probably the one you want. Put simply, Untappd is Facebook for beer drinkers. It is, at its core, a social app, users can friend each other, comment on and toast each other's beers. Untappd also features a beer and beer event finder along with a rating system. Even if you are not into the social aspects of Untappd it can be great for beer tracking and recording personal beer ratings. There is even a wish list section for keeping up with those whales you want to run across. Untappd is free and available for iPhone and Android and Blackberry.

BreweryMap: This is the go-to beercation app. BreweryMap will show all the locations for breweries, restaurants and bars within a chosen area. If you are planning a road trip you can type in a starting point, a destination and BreweryMap will show you all of the potential beer stops along your route as well as alternative routes. The app's latest version adds a ratings and notes feature for your visits. BreweryMap is $3.99 and available for iPhone and Android.

The Beer Exchange (BEX): BEX is a web app for beer traders. BEX makes connecting with beer traders all over the world simple. Until BEX came along most trades happened via online trading forums. BEX eliminated most of the cumbersome aspect of forum trading tying communication, list making and ratings into one tidy bundle. Users connect via trading profiles that other users can see and browse. There is even an automatic matching feature that pairs you with users that best fit your beer wants and haves. All communication happens via personal messaging and users can rate each other on shipping, communication and packaging. BEX now provides limited connections to bottle shops that sell online. So if trading isn't your thing you can still order beer online with BEX as an intermediary. The Beer Exchange is free and available for iPhone and Android.

Beer Bug: Beer bug is a home brewing app. OK, it's more than just an app as Beer Bug requires some gear too, but it's very cool gear. The Beer Bug is a sensor and transmitter that you drop into your fermenting beer. The sensor takes readings of all the various measurements, temperature, specific gravity, ABV, a home brewer would want to track. Those measurements are transmitted via wifi to your phone so the savvy home brewer can monitor fermentation from where ever. That information is stored so recipes can be adjusted and compared. There is also a social aspect to Beer Bug as users can share recipes for feedback and so other brewers can try out your great homebrew. The Beer Bug is $199 for the app and gear.

Savannah Craft Beer: You are in Savannah, why do you not have this app on your phone? This app has a beer and bar finder that will give suggestions based on your location. There is a regularly updated calendar as well as a local Savannah craft beer news feed. Savannah Craft Beer is free and available for iPhone and Android.

Of course at Brew/Drink/Run we’re not just about the beer, so I would be remiss if I didn’t mention a running app too.

Runkeeper has many options but is, at its core, a timer and a GPS mapping program. The BDR team have all used Runkeeper for years because it does what we ask of it. The free version of Runkeeper keeps time, measures distance, provides audible updates and maps all while seamlessly allowing music play. If you're more into stats an inexpensive upgrade to the paid version, Runkeeper Go allows for all sorts workout comparisons, training suggestions, live tracking and weather updates. Runkeeper also features a social aspect, you can follow friends and share runs Runkeeper boasts 45 million users so finding a running buddy won't be difficult.