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Asian feeding extravaganza!
My assortment of dumplings, wontons and the like were all piping hot and nicely flavored

I had a big crowd of hungry guys to feed. They wanted a wide selection and mass quantities.Say no more — this calls for a trip to the Asian Buffet.

This giant feeding extravaganza is on the near southside, with plenty of parking and enough room to navigate around the stem tables and cold bars. The food isn’t all Asia: It’s easy to find baked fish, dozens of salad fixings, soup, desserts and, yes, steamed crawfish.

And, there is also a sushi bar and grill–to–order steak station. For an additional fee, giant crab legs can be added to any order.

I like to pick at these buffets, a little egg drop soup, a rice dumpling wrapped in banana leaf, steamed dumplings, fried chicken wings — maybe an egg roll.

It’s not haute cuisine by any means, but it’s a fun destination with a hungry crowd. My assortment of dumplings, wontons and the like were all piping hot and nicely flavored. The egg drop soup was a little too bland to my liking — next time I’ll try the hot and sour soup — that was brimming with button mushrooms.

I sampled the fried rice — which was loaded with precisely diced veggies — and a few pieces of sesame chicken. It was hot, fresh and generously doused with sesame seeds. A couple of crab stuffed mushrooms and a pair of deviled crab half shells tempted themselves onto my plates. Great flavors came pouring from these little bites.

It was encouraging to see fairly small portions being loaded into steam table pans. This insures hot and fresh food. Yay!

Companions who had sushi were happy with its construction and freshness. On a previous visit, the sushi was out of sync — it’s good to see attention given to this area of the buffet. That makes sushi with an all–you–can–eat lunch for less than $10 a real steal.

Table service for drink refills was attentive and efficient. A back dining room with low partitions makes this a great destination for an office gathering or, in my case, a lunch out with the guys.

1100 Eisenhower Dr. (corner of Eisenhower Drive and Waters Avenue)

3 for 30

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