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Best bites: Angel's, Distillery, Krispy Kreme,

Krispy Kreme

I know history will not bear this out, but I really like to believe that the doughnut was invented before the wheel.
There's something magical about the contemplative time spent with a pair of hot, yeasty doughnuts and a piping hot cup o' Joe. On particularly stressful days, I allow the mesmerizing pace of the conveyor belt visible in the "doughnut theater" at the Skidaway Road store to lull me into a gourmand-worthy stupor. New Minis offer the same great doughnuts -- but in a smaller size just right for fans who feel too guilty for the regular size.

2749 Skidaway Road


Angel's BBQ

Andy and Aileen Trice smoke from scratch every day to serve delicious barbecue from their alley-side joint downtown. I'm partial to the pulled pork -- stacked high on a fresh bun and ready for dressing with any one of Andy's homemade hot sauces. Pair this with a side of baked beans, pictured here, or his West African collard greens, toss in a cold Coke (they even have the old-school cane sugar variety), a comforting chocolate Moon Pie and you've got a meal fit for a king -- or a redneck with a palate.

21 W Oglethorpe Lane


The Distillery

I've got plenty to say about the fish and chips, the pretzel bites or the open-faced roast beef sandwich.
But for a hearty order of comfort food, I stopped in last week for a bowl of chili and a grilled cheese on white bread.
The chili offers plenty of ground beef marinated in stout. Spice is just right -- not too hot -- and the fresh cheese and chopped green onion add additionally pleasing textures and flavors. While the grilled cheese is nothing extraordinary, on a damp, cold day, when it's paired with this chili, I guarantee you'll have flashbacks of your mama's kitchen or, forbid, your favorite school lunchroom lady. I had a Coke, but highly recommend Mama's Little Yella Pils from Oskar Blues.

416 West Liberty St.