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Bites & pieces: Kayak Kafe, more yogurt!
Culinary delights from Kayak Kafe

Kayak Kafe

This hoppin’ little lunch joint now offers dinner – and does it with a decidedly south–of–the–border theme. There’s a popular choice of salads but the heartier dishes offer trios of tacos, burritos and quesadillas. Less adventurous eaters will find solace in the sandwich menu – or a half–pound of spicy peel–and–eat Wild Georgia shrimp.

On my visit, I chose the taco special. Tender slices of Korean BBQ ribeye were served on hot corn tortillas – and topped with sweet and tangy pickled cucumber, fresh cilantro–onion relish and sweet and spicy barbecue sauce on the side. A little green salad filled the plate, but the trio of tacos was plenty. A large crumbled homemade cookie ala mode satisfied my sweet tooth.

Kayak Kafe is fresh, bright and energetic – although the parade of gym rats and minimal air conditioning are deterrents to many diners. I’ll be back soon to sample the roasted pork burrito and a side of spicy Asiago corn off the cob.

Still, it’s well worth a visit, and you might just become a regular. These Mexican–inspired dishes are made fresh in homage to the original dishes and are among some of the best casual food I’ve found downtown.

A pleasant beer and wine list encourages lingering after dinner on the sidewalk. After all, Broughton Street is all about people watching!

1 E. Broughton St./233–6044

Yogurt, yogurt everywhere

At the same address as Kayak Kafe is Fruzen Twist, a self–serve yogurt shop with a good selection of ever evolving flavors and a topping bar that’s guaranteed to knock off any dietary  value your yogurt might have had.

Still, isn’t a chilly sweet treat more about the love and less about the calories? That’s what they’re bettin’ on.

And that’s what La’Berry at 225 W. Broughton St. (near Jefferson Street) owners were banking on a couple of months ago when they opened their self–serve yogurt joint. Same deal, different atmosphere.

Each shop has it own fans, who swear their favorite is the best. This kinda smacks of a Seinfeld storyline. You be the judge...and have fun doing it.

Now, if I could only find a sub sandwich downtown...kidding.