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Bites & Pieces: Red Chimney, Geneva Geneva's
Culinary delights from the Red Chimney

The Red Chimney

The open air front porch of this Garden City barbecue joint really wasn’t that uncomfortable in the midday heat. A nice breeze was blowing and the only distraction was the steady drone of tractor–trailers gearing up and down the busy highway.

I was going somewhere else, but spied the sign, a puff of smoke from the pit and I was hooked — and pleasantly surprised.

First, Garden City cops were eating there. Police and firefighters are folks I respect for their penchant to find a hearty meal and a clean kitchen. I considered myself in good company.

I chose the chopped pork plate with a pair of sides: Brunswick stew and baked beans. A single roll perched atop the whole plate. The pork was nicely smoked and equally well chopped and picked of excess fat and gristle — I didn’t find either in my large portion. The Brunswick stew was good consistency with lots of tasty little bits. The baked beans reminded me of my mom’s, but with beef kielbasa slices instead of the hot dogs she sliced into hers. Green bell peppers added a distinctive layer of flavor – although I think the brown sugar could be cut back. These are dessert beans!

And yeah, you know I prefer sauce on the side — The Red Chimney puts theirs on the meat. Too bad, good pit skills don’t need to be covered — the diner should choose his sauce.

I’ll be back to try the ribs and chicken and barbecued beef. A bottomless sweet tea is the ultimate hospitality calling card.

4608 Augusta Road, Garden City/ 966–0065

Geneva Geneva’s Home Plate

Honestly I hadn’t eaten at this Midtown meat-and-three for several months, but had my curiosity piqued by a Facebook friends special: Fried chicken, two sides and cornbread, $6. Oh yeah, just try to stop me.

My wife and I scooted over as the sun went down and found a happy bunch of Facebookers already dining. We wasted no time ordering. The special is what Geneva calls the “Baby Fry,” two pieces and two sides. I chose white meat, TJ chose dark meat.

Geneva fries chicken by order, so expect a wait, but also anticipate piping hot (ouch!), tender and juicy chicken with a crisp and not overly breaded skin. Sorry grandmas every where — Geneva’s got your secret.

My sides of mixed green and black–eyed peas were nicely seasoned and wonderfully comforting. TJ ladled thick brown gravy on her mashed potatoes and loved the flavor and tenderness of her green beans.

The cornbread is a mini-loaf that, in retrospect, TJ powered through like it was coated in chocolate.

Here’s a Facebook connection worth making. Watch for regular specials online.

2812 Bee Road/ 356–9976