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BrewFest update
Wild Heaven Brewing Co.'s Invocation Belgian Ale

Another week, more beer. Life is good.

Joining the lineup at this year’s Savannah Craft Brew Fest (Sept. 2–4, is a quartet from Uinta Brewing Co. of Salt Lake City.

Uinta ha been in the marketplace for quite some time, although you really have to scour retailer shelves to find their awfully good beers.

I’m excited to see two of the beers are from the company’s Four+ label this years. Among those is Monkshine Belgian Pale Ale, the brewery’s homage to traditional Belgian–style ales. The beer pours a beautiful golden amber color — with a tall, white head. Balance is the linchpin of great Belgian ale — and Monkshine rises to the challenge. Yeast, malt and just enough hops comes together to create a decidedly futuristic domestic Belgie.

Also from the Four+ line will be Wyld Organic Extra Pale Ale. The beer joins a growing number of organic beers, and the next trend is heading toward more and more gluten free beers.

While Wyld is not gluten free, its organic barley malt lays a natural foundation for a beer that teases with a bit of sweetness, but delivers enough tangy notes to satisfy hops’ purists.

Uinta will also be represented by Angler’s Pale Ale and Cockeyed Cooper, a bourbon barrel barley wine from the company’s Crooked Brewery Project.

Wild Heaven Brewing Co. will showcase two beers, Ode to Mercy Brown and Invocation Belgian Ale.

Wild Heaven was founded by Paste magazine founder Nick Purdy and claims as its brew master Eric Johnson, who also created Trapeze Bar, a popular Atlanta beer bar. The company plans to have a new brewery in Decatur, Ga., by 2013.

Invocation is yet another tribute to the classic Belgian brews. Why tamper with a generations’ old success story? Invocation delivers aromatic malts, add hints of dried fruit — Noble and West Coast hops deliver an earthy spiciness. It finishes semi–dry with lingering tropical fruits and spicy notes from Belgian yeast.

Ode to Mercy — a brown ale — pours dark brown with a nutty colored head. It’s a rich mouthful of deep roasted malts, coffee, oak, and a smooth, creaminess. Coffee notes come from the addition of real coffee from Athens, Ga., 1000 Faces.

It’s not all deep, dark goodness though — expect a few crisp citrus notes to peek through from time to time. The final beer list is complete. Guests will sample more than 150 beers on Saturday. Sunday’s international tasting will include 43 beers from around the world.