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Bullish on Bull St. Eatery
Grilled chicken sandwich and salad from Bull Street Eatery

Bull Street Eatery

The location was proven by its previous occupant, and now, in the former Precinct Deli, is Bull Street Eatery – a breakfast and lunch diner.

Patience please, these guys have just opened and are still working out processes. What doesn’t need work is the food.

My grilled chicken sandwich and side salad was a generous portion of everything. The big, piping hot and tender chicken breast could have used a dash or two more seasoning, but was still a flavorful mouthful when combined with fresh garnishes of lettuce, a pair of thick tomato slices and a generous serving of sliced pickles.

Sandwiches come with options of potato tots, sweet potato fries, soup or a green salad. Having just left a meeting at Strong Gym, I felt I should do something good for myself – I chose the salad.

A nice bed of fresh mixed greens included julienne and baby carrots, cherry tomatoes and shredded cheese. It was a very ample portion – and was as refreshing as it was filling. The sandwich and salad combo –  $7.25. There is an ample sandwich menu and a daily “bag lunch” offering for just $6.25. The anytime breakfast menu is loaded with eggs and egg dishes – but also French toast and pancakes. Lighter fare – like fruit or yogurt – is also on the menu.

1514 Bull St./232–3593

Madeira Dinner at The Olde Pink House

Sunday, March 6, 6:30 p.m., $100pp++, RSVP now to this limited seating event, 232–4286.

The one–of–a–kind event will feature six courses of food and a tasting from The Rare Wine Co. Historic Madeira Series. Special guests for the evening will be Ricardo Freitas, wine maker of “Savannah Madeira,” and Mannie Berk, president of The Rare Wine Co.

I’ve written about the Historic Madeira Series and this dinner offers a double–header treat – this is the first such dinner held by the venerable Olde Pink House – and a chance to taste all four of the Historic Series Madeira side–by–side.