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'Cue up the southside
Sticky Fingers' half rack of ribs as very meaty, and perfectly "bite through" tender.

Southsiders really have a road trip ahead if they’re looking for a plate of mom and pop-style barbecue. There is an option: the corporate ’cue restaurant Sticky Fingers at the corner of White Bluff Road and Abercorn Street.

I stopped in last week, my first visit ever to the franchise and am happy to report an enjoyable plate of ribs are do-able on the Southside. I was initially taken aback by the look of the plate, until I realized I’m usually being served in a foam clamshell or wax paper lined plastic basket.

I chose a half rack — six bones — of Memphis–style dry rubbed ribs. The rack was very meaty, showed a nice smoke ring on the meat and was perfectly “bite through” tender.  The restaurant offers ribs and barbecue in several regional styles and has a matching sauce for each.

My side dish of barbecue beans was a whole lotta juice and not many beans — but the beans had good flavor. My potato salad was spot on, the potatoes were not overcooked and the generous sprinkling of paprika added nice flavor.

I’ll go back to try the pulled pork. Service was very attentive and my server did an incredible job of keeping my drink glass full.

It’s easy to run up a $20 lunch tab at Sticky Fingers, but budget–priced lunch specials priced under $10 offer relief to your wallet.

7921 Abercorn St./925–7427

Your Pie in the ’Fly

This tasty, custom–made pizza restaurant that anchors the corner of Whitaker and St. Julian streets has a new location in Norwood Market in Sandfly. Find the landmark Piggly Wiggly, look to the right, and you’ll find the restaurant.
Pick your dough, your sauce and your toppings and about 10 minutes later you’re delivered a piping hot, brick oven personal pizza. These guys have also done a great job supporting the craft beer movement and I expect the Sandfly location to join neighboring Driftaway, Sandfly BBQ and Wright Square Cafe in offering nice selections of robust American beers.

Foodie news flashes

Subway and Quizno’s downtown locations have officially closed, but now I spy a sign in the former Quizno’s announcing the future location of — Subway.

• The former Seasons of Japan Bistro is set to reopen soon as Lime, an Asian fusion restaurant. Some cosmetic changes are being made and the menu finalized. Expect a few weeks of soft opening while the beer and wine license is secured.

• I liked the food the couple of times I went to Shipwreck, but it was obvious the Broughton Street restaurant suffered from confused identity — restaurant, club, sports bar? The myriad personalities finally resolved themselves when the eatery closed a few weeks ago.

Several other food and beverage folks have drawn a bead on the location. I’ll keep you posted.