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'Cueing it up on Tybee

The youngest Rutherford and I found a very low tide and time for overdue man–chat as we walked the surf on Tybee Island’s north beach. We stumbled on plenty of sea creatures and got in about a month’s worth of people watching during our trek.

Leaving the island, we took our man–sized appetites to the roadside oasis that is Gerald’s Pig & Shrimp. This funky, colorful destination offered what we wanted: A shady outdoor seating area, plenty of cold drinks and, oh yeah, a big old pork barbecue sandwich.

I’ve been pigging out on Gerald’s ‘cue since the stained glass master began catering from his Gerald’s Chuckwagon truck. I ate with him when he was on Montgomery Street and think his roadside endeavor on Tybee is the best idea yet. He didn’t let us down.

A big, fresh bun was piled with smoked pork. There was good balance in this barbecue – not too much of this or that, but a pleasant concert of smoke, sweet, tangy sauce and tender, lean pork.

Readers may know I’m a “sauce on the side” kinda barbecue eater, but I’ll give it to Gerald, the sauce was spot on in terms of flavors and quantity.

Our sides of French fries were common fare, but treated just right – no over cooking!

A neighboring diner offered up a bite of fried shrimp that I would have been tempted with had I not ordered. It was crisp, sweet and hot – everything to look for in a fried shrimp.

I’m heading back soon for ribs. I saw one diner with 6–bone order and it looked enticing.

I suspect that even on a hot day, Gerald’s big, covered outdoor dining rooms stays pretty comfortable with its shade and plenteous fans. There’s always the ice chest full of sodas to help wash away the heat.

For convenience, parking, a fun setting and great food, I’ll give Gerald’s a resounding thumbs up!

Hwy. 80 at McKenzie St., Tybee Island/786–4227

Open January–November, Thursday–Sunday, December hours are weekends only

Tiffany Wang Tofu book

Tiffany Wang, a Chinese–born foodie with plenty of experience with her indigenous foods, has released an e–cookbook entitled, “Best of Tofu.” The book is first a primer into the vast variety of tofu – and then offers lots of recipes for different types of tofu.

I was impressed by the primer – and relieved to see many dishes use tofu as a nutritional booster to recipes that have a smattering of pork or chicken. I usually get tofu in a geeked out way – which usually means it’s not very appetizing to look at or to taste.

Tofu fan or not, “Best of Tofu,” will make you look differently at this soy–based food source. It downloads for several e–readers from

Speaking of foodie issues....

The number of persons suffering from symptoms of celiac disease, gluten intolerance, continues to rise. At its most extreme, the disease requires elimination of gluten based products from the diet – a tough demand for anyone. Dining out becomes a particular challenge.

Domino’s Pizza has stepped up by offering a gluten–free pizza crust. In Savannah, the only gluten–free pizza I know of is at Mellow Mushroom – and that’s a special order made from scratch.

That knocks out the spontaneity of “Let’s grab a pizza!”

Domino’s worked with the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness in developing its recipe and procedures, but is careful to honestly advise serious sufferers to not risk eating this crust.

Why? It’s prepared in the same kitchen.

Still, it’s a step in the right direction for food allergy sufferers. It may be a suitable alternative if you’re on the less gluten–sensitive side of the celiac scale.