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Damn fine meatball

The second location of Screamin’ Mimi’s takes the familiar pizza joint model that has been so successful on East Oglethorpe Avenue and added  live music and a full bar. It’s a fitting upgrade for the pizza restaurant as it moves “uptown.”

I am familiar with the restaurant’s huge by–the–slice pizza and whole pies. This trip, I went for a meatball sandwich, and couldn’t have been more pleased with the quality and the portion.

I could have topped the sandwich with any number of choices but chose to have it as stripped down as possible — sauce and provolone cheese only — so I could truly taste the meatball.

Lots of meatball sandwiches are out there, and many suffer from bad meatballs. Let’s be honest, that’s the critical foundation of this sandwich!

This meatball did not disappoint. In fact, it was a damned fine meatball.

The shareable sandwich was on a big hoagie–style bun — each half a full six inches or more — with two meatballs on each half.

The meatballs were cooked nicely – not overdone by any stretch – and sized just right for the bread.

There was a hint of garlic and enough seasoning to give character — enough character that next time I’ll load on some bell pepper and onion.

The marinara is likewise seasoned just right, not too sweet. The hoagie roll was impressively toasted crispy on the outside and soft and tender inside.

I chose table service, which was somewhat disconnected. If in a hurry, I would suggest ordering at the counter, which is an option.

The second floor of this adaptation of a former photography gallery features space for live bands and a full bar billed as Screwie Louie’s Liquor Hole.

Great remodel and good carryover of quality from the first location.

10 Whitaker St./233–0655


Actually, dough! I knew when I went off on gluten–free pizza dough last week that I would miss one. An eagle–eyed reader set me straight, reminding me that Your Pie also offers a gluten–free pizza crust among its choices.

Your Pie has two locations: Downtown at Whitaker and Bryan streets and in Sandfly’s Norwood Plaza shopping center. The Sandfly location offers live music.

Hot Dish

I’ll point out a “hot dish” — a particularly well done menu item — as I find ‘em. This week, it’s Georgia Shrimp and Crab Ceviche from Sol, 1611 Habersham St.

The huge mound of citrus–cooked fresh shrimp and crab meat is surrounded by Sol’s double thick, hot and crispy tortilla chips.

I had mine at lunch, and found it plenty to eat, as did a couple of friends who sampled the same dish.

Ceviche is not as common on Savannah menu as it probably should be. Happy to see a restaurateur biting off the challenge.