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Davis Produce: Simple and enjoyable
Avoid the grocery story chaos and bright lights at this longtime local staple

David Produce is at 7755 Highway 80.

SINCE WE’VE still got another month or two of this summer heat here in the C-Port, I’ve decided to continue pushing some of my favorite hubs in town to source my local ingredients.

As an at-home chef, I try to pay attention to what is in season, and build a lot of my weekly menus around what is the freshest ingredients available.

Now don’t get me wrong, I buy things out of season all the time, and unfortunately that is the reality we live in currently. We have been conditioned to think buying all of the things we need at the grocery store is a normal facet of life.

That’s actually far from the truth. The system, as it has been designed to work in this day and age, doesn’t promote the fundamental growth needed for our small, local economies to flourish.

We have to give back to the gardens, which are our neighborhoods and communities, in order for us to get the results we want out of the work we put in. It’s convenient to shop at one place and get it all at once, and that is what major corporations are banking on. They are betting that after a long week of work, you’d rather get your shopping done quickly than have to make a few more stops than usual.

And unfortunately for us and our development, they have been conditioning us to make these poor decisions more and more frequently. In order to see that shift back to how things used to be, it will take a wave of consciousness to spread the knowledge and awareness needed to make the next right decision.

It’s all about making the next right choice. And when it comes to our food industry, especially when we are at home cooking, we need to make choices that not only support what our bodies need, but also what our gardens need in order to keep growing towards the sky.

Now, if you need some fresh produce throughout your week, instead of visiting Kroger and dealing with that mayhem, visit Davis Produce on Highway 80 on your way out Tybee. This produce stand is one of my favorites for many reasons, but one of the main reasons are the bulk deals you can get on their vegetables and fruit.

I don’t know about you all, but I’d take a friendly face and reasonable price over the chaos and bright lights of our local supermarket any day.

Davis Produce has been in this game a long time, and they know exactly what they are doing and how to provide the freshest produce possible to our area. Being a hub for farmers from around the southeast, they are able to help not only the local farmers make sure that their crops are sold, they are also able to provide a resource for our community to use in order to have fresh local produce.

Giving locals more consistent opportunity to choose where they would like to purchase their ingredients from allows us to contribute to the important cycle of our neighborhoods’ economic development. Having these goods provided at a cost that would fit our budgets, would continue to make that decision easier; and that will come as sources of local products become more abundant.

As our food industry continues to evolve, it feels as if we are becoming closer to how things were initially designed, as we create new systems of foundation that will lead to tremendous amounts of growth in our city.

Davis Produce represents how things used to be done, and where our systems are going in the future. With their assortment of fresh seasonal vegetables and fruit, when you taste their produce, you understand why it is important to to shop and eat seasonally.

Fruit when it is ripe and in season, tastes so much more vibrant, and you begin to understand how those flavors are supposed to taste.

In addition to seasonal produce, Davis also carries a wide variety of local jams, preserves, dressings, and sauces made from some of the same farms that grew that produce.

Being able to shop under budget, locally, and support this growing cycle makes the choice of where to buy my ingredients extremely easy. If we water our gardens, we will reap the benefits of its growth and be able to celebrate during the harvest. Let’s keep stirring that pot, people.