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Did somebody say 'Dutch Baby'?
Talking great stuff at the Pancake House on the Southside

I found myself on the Southside far too early one morning last week. I had time to kill and an appetite running empty from a night of sleep.

Despite having eaten there several times, I have never written about the Pancake House. I’ve used this bright, sun–washed dining room to meet clients, conduct interviews, and just visit with friend over a pile of steaming pancakes lots of times.

This morning, I branched out from the usual pancakes, and tried sourdough pancakes. The small order, about five pancakes, arrives dusted with powdered sugar. Each pancake is about saucer size.

I may have a new pancake. The batter gave up just the slightest hint of the distinctive sourdough flavor and were nicely cooked through without being too doughy or tough. Thanks for keeping ’em hot! Too many times, I get a pancake or a waffle that won’t melt butter — my butter almost melted and slid away before I could get a photo.

The bacon I chose for my side is thick cut, maple cured. It’s sweet, and sliced thick enough to provide some chew — not just a crumbly and dissatisfying bacon experience.

Service is quick and efficient, and my server kept coffee topped off in my cup without being asked. There are a dozen or more pancake options, from buckwheat to fruit–laced ’cakes.

Also, the menu offers crepes, waffles and even the big, baked Dutch Baby!

You will find much lower-priced Southside breakfasts, but the menu’s pricing has never seemed to be a deterrent to the crowd that gathers here, especially on the weekends.

7201 Hodgson Memorial Dr./351–9333

A little of this, a little of that

Maxwell’s is open in the former Sugar Daddy’s location on Jefferson Street, right behind Loco’s. The restaurant’s new owners and chef are continuing with the small plats menu and are open with just over a dozen options on the menu. For me, the allure is a small plate paired with a wine from their tightly constructed and interesting little wine list.

Chef James Parker is leading the charge from Maxwell’s small kitchen, a just right size for the beautiful little plates he is producing. I have not been in for a savory dish yet, but did sample dessert — panna cotta topped with cherries — which looked too good to eat.

The eatery has undergone a remodel, which gives it a more elegant, old South feel, and made the space brighter and more spacious feeling.

109 Jefferson St./349–5878

All Turtle, all day

Popular Blue Turtle Bistro, 5002 Paulsen St., is now open for breakfast. This takes service to all day — with the already bustling lunch and dinner business. You can sneak a peek at the menu on the restaurant’s website,

It’s about to get bizarre

The premiere of the Savannah episode of Bizarre Foods America with Andrew Zimmern is set for Monday, March 12 on the Travel Channel.

The episode includes segments on local Chef Matt Cohen, breakfast with Lady Chablis at Clary’s Cafe and a food crawl with me that includes stops at Angel’s BBQ, Teeple’s Seafood, Polk’s Produce and Marandy’s Restaurant.