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Get shtuffed at the Shalom Y’all Food Fest

Shalom Y’all Food Festival

When: 11am-4pm, Sunday, Oct. 25

Where: Forsyth Park

Cost: Free admission; food purchased by ticket


LISTEN, dahlink, you look hungry. A little pale, even.

Maybe you need a nice bowl of matzo ball soup, or perhaps some chopped liver on a cracker.

Fortunately for you, bubeleh, both will be in abundance at the Shalom Y’all Jewish Food Festival, coming to Forsyth Park this Sunday, Oct. 25.

Along with music and entertainment (expect a rousing “Hava Nagila” rendition around the fountain), booths will be stuffed with homemade geshmack goodies for sale, courtesy of the machers, yentas and bubbes of Congregation Mickve Israel.

Here are the noshes by the numbers:

1800 blintzes

1500 deli sandwiches (and 1500 dill pickles!)

1000 hot dogs (kosher, of course)

2000 potato latkes (applesauce or sour cream? Go meshuggeh with both!)

700 Sephardic lamb pitas

500 kugels

500 challahs (get ‘em while they last...)

600 bowls of matzo ball soup

50 pounds of hummus

And while we couldn’t pin them down by the gallon, there were also be copious amounts of stuffed cabbage, Israeli salad and the aforementioned chopped liver.

Of course you’ll save room for sweets, because who can resist honey cakes and hamentaschen cookies?

Don’t forget about the pallets of Dr. Brown’s soda to wash it all down, though the alterkockers will have to wait until after 12:30pm to break out the many kegs of He’Brew Beer.

The only thing missing is a barrel of antacids, but surely someone in this mishpocha is a doctor?


Alterkocker: old timer; in this case, 21+

Bubbe: grandmother

Bubeleh: little grandma, sweetie

Geshmack: delicious, tasty

Macher: big shot

Meshuggeh: crazy

Mishpocha: extended family

Nosh: snack

Yenta: well-meaning busybody