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Heiwa Cubed
Heiwa's signature Spider Roll

Heiwa’s Sushi Bar & Teppan Yaki Grill has a third location, at 10 Barnard St., between Five Guys and Avia.

This smart, brand new location  is located within easy sight of Ellis Square –– and joins a number of new eateries calling the larger News Place project home.

Lunch and dinner menus downtown are consistent to other locations, in Sandfly and on Abercorn Street, and will also include traditional breakfast.

I usually go to the location nearest my house in Sandfly. On a recent visit I satisfied my craving for soft shell crab.

The Spider Roll gets its name from the crispy fried crab leg that juts up from one or more slices of sushi roll. It’s a fried roll –– no raw fish squeamish foodies –– with plenty of flavorful wasabi mayo, cucumber and masago. It’s flavorful crisp and delicious. A quick mouthful of pickled ginger cleared my palate for the entree.

Chicken Teriyaki: You’ve probably had it a thousand times. It’s comforting, filled with flavor and texture and, most likely, pretty darned good for you nutritionally with all those veggies. Like any Teppan Yaki operation, this dish arrives piping hot and fresh.

The downtown location is a decidedly upscale version of its older sibling –– a fitting step forward for this family–owned chain.

10 Barnard St., 233–1606/ 7401 Skidaway Road, 355–8819 / 7640 Abercorn St.,  352–3838

Yogurt, Yogurt Everywhere

Broughton Street, Eisenhower Drive...the yogurt joints are popping up like summer weeds.

One void has been Sandfly, which serves the thriving Isle of Hope area. Watch for a new frozen yogurt place to spring up in the Piggly Wiggly shopping center soon...details to come!