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I'll always run to Sweet Melissa's
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There are lots of cheapy pizza places in Savannah (well, not lots, but y'all workin' what you got). But I think Sweet Melissa's on Whitaker and West Congress streets (across from The Lady & Sons) is a superior player in all that.

The pizza they make there is like no pizza I've ever tasted. And let me just say that, as a poor college student, I've tasted A LOT of pizza.

And I don't have to spend a ton of money on a whole pizza because they do this awesome thing where one could just walk up to the counter and purchase oneself a single slice of pepperoni pizza for only three dollars!

And you're like, three whole dollars for ONE SLICE of pizza? But you're only thinking that right now because you don't know that each slice of pizza is about 13 inches long and five or six inches across. It's a huge pizza, people.

By "huge" I mean twenty-eight (28) inches of hot, steamy, foldy, delicious pizza. I can't even eat that much pizza and I still want to buy one whole.

Sweet Melissa's makes one of those physics-defying thin crust pizzas that stays floppy and foldable. I can't fathom what kind of massive voodoo magic they cast on that dough to make it behave the way it does, but I demand it stay that way.

The crust at the edge is light and soft, but with enough chewiness to gnaw on at the end, which I think is a necessary element in a pizza.

Oh, they also put herbs on their crusts. I'm serious. Go in there, buy a slice and look on the bottom. I don't understand why everyone who makes pizza doesn't do that.

The toppings are always good and fresh. You can get whatever you want on your pizza if you buy it whole, but if you are buying by the slice, they have a somewhat weirdly-topped pizza there that they keep hot and then reheat when you order.

They put all kinds of strange combos on that pizza. On a recent visit it was part cheese only, part pepperoni, part mushroom and part pineapple.

They just have fun with that pizza. That's right, I'm onto you guys.

Actually, there's a downside to that particular method that I didn't think about until this couple came in and bought all five slices of pepperoni. They were the only people in front of me.

They only left the pineapple slices. I'm allergic to pineapples. No es bueno, people.

I trundled sadly from Sweet Melissa's and probably ate cold Spaghettio's for dinner instead. Thanks guys. I hope y'all got chased by ill-tempered domestic dogs for several blocks before you could enjoy that which should have been MINE. You know who you are.

I only have a few complaints about this delicious pizza joint. One, they let the sweet tea sit out too long and it gets hot and turns. They make up for this by selling Cheerwine, though. I love some Cheerwine. But seriously, if they sold cups of ice cold sweet tea for only a dollar, they wouldn't have that problem at all because I'd just drink it all anyway!

Also, their logo makes no sense! I know it's supposed to be a heart, but what they have is definitely not a shape that could exist in one dimension alone. Most of the time when I get pizza by myself, I just stare at the logo and contemplate its improbable existence.

In reality, I love the logo. I'm sorry I doubted you guys.

And, now, the most important thing: there's no Buffalo Chicken pizza. I went to New York last year and I ate so much Buffalo Chicken pizza - but there isn't any in the South.

Please make me Buffalo Chicken Pizza, guys. I love your pizza and I'm now publicly begging you to craft me the King of Pizzas.

Anyway, this place is delicious. I know it may look mildly intimidating for those of you who may be tourists or have confidence issues, but all the people who work there are cupcakes and it's actually a very cozy place.

Also, Buffalo Chicken, hot sauce, Ranch and cheese on a pizza. You know you want to eat that, stop playing.

Love, Caroline.....