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Isaac's on Drayton
When you're at the bar, try Isaac's Knockout Punch: sweet tea, peach vodka, grain & a secret

I’ve dined at cozy Isaac’s on Drayton half a dozen times since it opened and have always enjoyed the inviting bar and great personalities that frequent its stools. The menu has always been interesting, but something’s always been amiss: poor service, missing ingredients, bad temperatures.

But like people, restaurants mature, the right people get “on the bus” and everything begins to click. From all appearances, Isaac’s is clicking.

My recent lunch hit a home run: a spicy grouper taco. Honestly, it’s more of a wrap than a taco, but that’s fine. This messy, taste bud teasing, fresh sandwich features big portions of grouper and packs a mouthful of spicy heat. On previous visits, I have thoroughly enjoyed the crab cakes — rich with plenty of lump crab.My side of fries were hot and fresh, but standard fare.

You will have to dodge Georgia Power construction in Drayton Street to get to the door, but it’s worth the effort. Beer here is always good and cold; a full bar and small wine list offer plenty of other options. The bar’s signature Isaac’s Knockout Punch — a concoction of  sweet tea, peach vodka, grain alcohol and a “secret ingredient” — is a sneaky refresher. Have one, feel good; have two and you’re stumbling toward the construction pit!

9 Drayton St./231–0100

Patience, Temperance

The Broughton Street beer bar project named Temperance is still moving forward but at a much slower pace. Local partner Curtis Faircloth told me last week the bar is “still going forward, just slower than we anticipated.” Faircloth, other investors and general manager Christian Peranzi had assembled a solid start–up team — here’s to hoping they can hold on to their talent.

Yum, pastries

As I write this from Ogeechee River Coffee in Habersham village I feel compelled to mention the growing quality of this newbie coffeehouse’s pastry case. Owner and roaster Scott Miller calls on all local talent for his muffins, fritters and cheesecake. It’s a yummy way to start the day — an apple fritter and a hot cup of Rwanda.