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Legal Lemonade
Graphic recording by Inky Brittany, aka Brittany Curry.

TWO 7-year-old Savannah twins have been getting mega media attention after branding their business "Twin-Monade."

Instead of admiring the young girls’ entrepreneurial spirit, a negative Nancy on social media tried to rain on their parade by questioning whether they had a permit to be selling lemonade – a rite of passage for children in Savannah.

Their dad, Quentin Lawyer, said that the woman’s complaint prompted him to reconsider the girls’ having a lemonade stand just “for fun,” and begin to see it as an opportunity to hone their business skills.

With the help of a family friend, they filed the paperwork, paid the $85 fee, and made it official.

Since the story broke in June, founders Kamari and Kamera have seen their sales skyrocket. With customers coming from all over Savannah and surrounding areas, people are standing in line for up to an hour to try their creations and support their enterprise.

They offer twenty flavor varieties of lemonade, sell by the cup, bottle, and gallon, and on some days go mobile, popping up in different locations across the city.

Twin-Monade has been featured on every local news media outlet, covered by CBS,, numerous online publications, and shared thousands of times on social media.

It’s pretty exciting to think about where they’ll go from here, as well as how many other children and families they will inspire to turn what they’re doing “for fun” into a legitimate startup. That’s why they are this week’s Magic Makers.

Support the twins with your business on Tuesdays—Saturdays from 1-6 PM at 1935 Skidaway Road and follow them on Instagram @twinmonade_a.