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March Against Monsanto is Saturday
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March Against Monsanto

When: Noon, Saturday, Nov. 1

Where: Johnson Square

Info: "March Against Monsanto Savannah"

CROPS CONTAINING genetically modified organisms have been banned across Europe, Russia, Peru, Japan and New Zealand. Dozens of other countries require rigorous GMO labeling. After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, farmers gifted with pesticide-resistant GMO seeds by Monsanto decided to burn them instead.

Yet, here in the U.S., we’re still not even privy to whether these globally-reviled and possibly dangerous organisms are in our food. Outraged? Skeptical? Mildly curious? Attend the March Against Monsanto this Saturday, Nov. in Johnson Square.

Over 90 percent of Americans believe that GMOs should be labeled, yet efforts to pass laws requiring such have been thwarted. Monsanto and the biotech industries spent millions to defeat labeling bill Prop. 37 in California in 2012 and have poured even more money against next week’s GMO label referendums in Oregon and Colorado.

“All we’ve been asking for at this point is labeling,” reminds Brighter Day Natural Foods owner Peter Brodhead. “If GMOs are so safe, just put the label on.”

Studies have linked GMOs to cancer, infertility and autoimmune disease, but the issues don’t end with the human body: Monsanto’s Roundup Ready seeds contaminate non-GMO crops, destroying the livelihood of organic farmers. Now weeds are showing resistance to Monsanto’s own pesticide, Roundup, provoking higher application of the neurotoxin on crops.

“The biggest problem is that the government just keeps approving this stuff,” laments Brodhead.

He says the corporate megalith’s stronghold on American politics—former Monsanto attorney Michael Taylor is a commissioner with the Food and Drug Administration—can only be defeated by grassroots activism.

Brodhead will speak along with local pediatrician Dr. Ramon Ramos, activist Kim Spencer of the Thinking Mom’s Revolution, organic farmer Connie Hayes and Karen Grainey of the Sierra Club. Conscious rockers Omingnome, Miggs Son and XuluProphet will provide the thoughtful soundscape, and eco-conscious vendors will offer ways to live as GMO-free as possible.

Get all your questions answered this Saturday—and be sure to bring your marching shoes.