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Marco's Pizza, Rancho Alegre
Carryout that pie: From Marco's Pizza

Marco's Pizza

I love pizza. I usually make my own, experimenting with toppings, cheeses and handmade dough or convenient, ready made flatbreads. I was stoked to see a new chain pizza joint come to my neighborhood. Marco’s Pizza is a newcomer to the remodeled Habersham Village. Of course, I also anticipated the usual so–so corporate pizza. I was wrong. What I found on my original crust, a thick rimmed, nicely chewy dough, was a mountain of better ingredients than those big budget buys. The pepperoni were thick and sprinkled with a generous hand. Green pepper and onions were in big chunks and retained plenty of crunch. The Mozzarella cheese was fresh, I could tell by its stringiness and flavor. A thin, crisp crust is also offered, and there’s a substantial menu of pre–designed pizzas for meat lovers, vegetarians or cheeseheads. I look forward to going back to try a baked sub sandwich or chicken wings or chicken tumblers – boneless chicken tenders tossed in a selection of sauces. An ice cream cooler is stocked with about a dozen flavors. Even though I’ve only gotten carryout – I’ve rarely seen people dining in – Marco’s does have comfortable booths, plenty of TVs and should be a great family gathering place. The restaurant has a limited delivery area as well.

4521 Habersham St./349–6957

Bits and pieces...

The more I visit Rancho Alegre (MLK location), the more I realize what a true international flair for food that proprietor and chef Juan Manuel Rodriguez possesses. Juan Manuel’s ceviche features fresh grouper in an acidic “cooking” broth of grapefruit juice, lime juice, plenty of thinly sliced red onions, green onions, thin slices of red bell pepper, grapefruit sections and lots of fresh chopped cilantro. The dish is as beautiful to look at as it is good to eat. The restaurant offers far more than its menu indicates, including a choice selection of aged meats and imported cheeses. Ask your server if you want something you don’t see. The restaurant wine selection is without doubt Savannah’s best collection of Spanish, Portuguese and South American wines – and one of few places to score a cold, long–neck El Presidente beer.