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McDonough's, Noodle Bowl
Does McDonough's have the best burger in town?

McDonough's Restaurant and Tavern

Every town has its legendary hamburger joint. Some are roadside stands; others praise chains that make an exemplary burger. For me, Savannah's legendary burger has to be the eight-ouncer served by McDonough's. I didn't even mean to eat a burger there. I stopped in for a beer and the kick-off of the Georgia-Tennessee game. I saw one on a nearby table and jumped in with both hands -- that's how many it takes to handle this beast. The burger (they serve one larger) is cooked order on a nice, fresh bun. I chose mine with lettuce, tomato, onion and mustard -- old school -- and settle into a juicy, hot trip down memory lane. This, dear readers, was the burger of my childhood, the burger made famous in so many other haunts -- and I have finally found Savannah's! I opted for a side of sweet potato fries, which were both sweet and sprinkled with coarse salt. Marry this up with a cold beer, college football -- and you've got a memorable and comforting Saturday afternoon. I went back on a subsequent Saturday, Georgia and Vandy, and to make sure I wasn't dreaming. I wasn't. Breakfast is served 24/7 -- and liked the looks of the waffle and bacon I spied on a neighboring table...another day, perhaps. Oh, Billy's Place upstairs reopened a few months ago. I loved this supper-club-feeling eatery before a fire closed both restaurants for several months. I'll be visiting it again soon ... stay tuned.

21 E McDonough St./ 233-6136

The Noodle Bowl

I revisited this near Southside noodle restaurant last week and am happy to report they are really dialing in the menu.
The spring rolls were much better this visit than the first time around -- and service from the long steam table of three noodle styles and assorted additions, was lightning fast. This trip, I chose spicy braised beef on rice noodles. It was plenty spicy, the noodles tender and rich and the broth a warming, and delicious wash for the generous portion of noodles. There is a noodle explosion that seems to be firing up -- I've spotted at least one other noodle eatery poised to open. The dishes are trendy and sought after in metro areas -- and I hope the popularity catches on with Savannah diners. The food is satisfying, hot, fresh and flavorful. A noodle meal is best shared with someone or a number of someones -- slurping is allowed!

7052 Hodgson Memorial Dr./692-1394

At last!

The long awaited reopening of Crystal Beer Parlor has happened! A nicely done remodel and retool of the menu looks promising -- and the beer selection is even more evidence that craft beer has found a home in the Hostess City. I'll have a review next week. The Melting Pot, the fondue chain that's Broughton Street's newest eatery, has already caught the attention of many local diners. Hot cheese, hot meat, melted chocolate -- not a one of 'em is bad. If you thought fondue was back, just know that it apparently never went anywhere!