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New festival at Skidaway Island State Park features food trucks, reptiles, and Pokemon Go
The Food Truck Fun Fest this Sunday from noon-4 p.m. will feature seven food trucks with plenty of picnic seating

Family Food Truck Fun Festival

Sun. Sept. 4, noon-4 p.m., Skidaway Island State Park

Free to attend, $5 parking fee for State Park

GIVEN the timing, one would be tempted to think the Family Food Truck Fun Festival happening at Skidaway Island State Park this weekend owes its existence to the recent passing of a long-awaited food truck ordinance by the City of Savannah.

“It was a happy accident,” laughs Anne Robinson, marketing coordinator for Skidaway Island State Park. “We started planning for this in June. It was the idea of our assistant park manager.”

Robinson says while Skidaway Island State Park—which actually isn’t in City limits anyway—has one of the highest year-round camping occupancy rates for Georgia state parks, “we want to start attracting more locals.”

The success of a few locals-oriented special events recently, including a Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt, led them to the idea of using the space for a food truck event.

The Food Truck Fun Fest this Sunday from noon-4 p.m. will feature seven food trucks in the area of picnic shelters 4 and 5, with plenty of picnic seating.

“We really saw the food truck trend as a great opportunity to attract more people to the park from within Chatham County itself,” Robinson says.

But the Family Food Truck Fest isn’t just about burritos. This being a state park, there will be nature and environment themes as well.

“One of our core missions here is keeping young folks connected to the natural world, through education and through real experience,” Robinson says.

To that end, there will be a “Walking Reptile Show,” where rangers roam the festival with touchable reptiles for kids to interact with.

That said, Skidaway Island State Park is also staying on top of another trend, by offering Pokemon Lures.

Also, this event will mark the “christening” of the park’s new outdoor gym, situated between picnic shelters 1 and 2.

If this event is successful, Robinson says the Park hopes to make it an annual or semi-annual event.

Two things to keep in mind for your trip this Sunday:

— This is a family-friendly event, and alcoholic beverages aren’t allowed in State Parks;

— And while the Festival is free to attend, there will be the usual daily $5 parking fee, which is charged to anyone who visits the Park as per state guidelines.

Robinson stresses that the parking fee is cash-only, so it will be a lot easier for everyone if folks have their five bucks in cash at the ready for the attendant, so the line will move smoothly.